Hello All, been working on compiling the stories of the Prophets of Islam on my site. Been writing to make it fun and entertaining while also being education. Have incorporated images to make the stories engaging as well. Here's what I have to share right now. Welcome all feedback and would like to thank those in advance who taken the time out to read, hopefully you'll find it useful:

Story Of Prophet Yusuf

1. Prophet Yusuf (Joseph) had a dream that he was destined for greatness. Yet his life was filled wit had adversity and difficulty. It seemed everything would not go his way, he was betrayed by his brothers, sold as slave, and unjustly imprisoned. Yusuf could have chosen to be bitter and question his fate by asking Allah, what happened to my dream destined for greatness? He could have easily complained “why do these things keep happening to me” as many of us would. But he knew better…

Prophet Saleh

2. Prophet Saleh was a respected and wise man sent to help guide the nation of Thamud. At the time, the city grew very prosperous and began the love for short term materialistic pleasures. Read full story to find out what happened to the people of Thamud.

Story Of Prophet Al-Yasa

3. Prophet Al-Yasa (Elisha) was a Prophet in Judiasm, Christianity and in Islam. He was the successor to Elijah. Allah refers to him twice in the Qur’an.

Story of Prophet Nuh

4. Prophet Nuh (Noah) is a story about disbelievers. Prophet Noah was sent down to prevent the Muslims that were following Prophet Idris from going astray after his passing.

Story of Dhul Kifl

5. Dhul-Kifl is a less known prophet and his story is a bit of a mystery.

6. Story of Prophet Idris

7. Story Of Prophet Lut

8. Story Of Prophet Yunus

9. Story of Prophet Ayyub

Thank you again!