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    The Great Significance of Aayatul Kursi (OP)

    It was reported in a local paper in Rochdale, of a young woman who was raped down a small dark alley one evening.

    On a separate evening around the same time, a young Muslim woman was walking home from college. Aware that it was getting dark fast, she wanted to get home as soon as possible, so her mother would not be worrying about her being outside alone at night.

    The young Muslim girl faced a dilemma, to take the short cut down the same alleyway to avoid getting home after dark, or to take the longer route and have her mother worrying herself sick about her daughter's safety. Conscience of the time, she takes the alleyway.

    While the girl is walking down the alley, she sees a rather sinister, threatening dark figure of a man walking towards her from the other end. As her pace quickens, she begins to read Ayat-ul-kursi for her safety. On passing the man, he makes eye contact but carries on walking.

    When the young Muslim girl reaches home she tells her family about this sinister looking man, they advise her to contact the police, after having read the newspaper article some time before. When she contacts the police they ask her to give a physical description of the man. It matches the description the rape victim had given.

    Some days later the young Muslim girl receives a phone call from the police, asking her if she would come down to the police station to identify the man in a line up. Both the rape victim and the Muslim girl pick out the same man. The police are confused; they ask the rapist why he attacked one girl and not the other. In reference to the Muslim girl, he replies 'why would I attack her when she was walking with two huge men on either side of her?'

    If reciting Ayat-ul-kursi saved the young girl from a rapist, just imagine how it can save you.
    The Great Significance of Aayatul Kursi

    "None of you will have faith till he wishes for his (Muslim) brother what he likes for himself."

    Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 1.12

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    Re: Aytul Kursi

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    Subahanallah, subhanallah - thanks for sharing bro!
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