There were many Prophets and Messengers appointed by God to convey the message of Monotheism. Prophet Muhammed PBUH was the last messenger whom God entrusted a mission upon Prophet Muhammad PBUH to invite people to the right path. Prophet Muhammad PBUH accomplished his task honestly and sincerely with the best efforts. Prophet Muhammad PBUH was known as a truthful and trustworthy person long before Islam. He was known throughout Makkah as “Al-Sadiq Al-Amin“: the Truthful, Trustworthy one, a title he retained even by those who disbelieved in him after the declaration of his prophethood so. He was so much concerned about his duty and mission that he used to grieve for it. While bearing the pain of humanity so God consoled him by saying the following verse :

“Then perhaps you would kill yourself through grief over them, [O Muhammad] if they do not believe in this message, [and] out of sorrow.”(Quran 18:6)

When he started to deliver the message of God, the elite men of Quraish started to oppose that mission. And the era of mocking and insulting started. When they realised that many people are going in the fold of Islam day by day despite of persecution and opposition. Then they changed their strategy to compromising negotiation for the delegation of the Quraysh came to meet Abu Talib and asked him to advice his nephew to give up that mission. So Abu Talib told Prophet Muhammad PBUH..”Nephew! I know very well that you always obeyed me. Your people came to me complaining that you go to the Kaaba and their meeting places saying to them what they dislike. You may wish to spare them that.’ The Prophet looked up to the sky and said: By God! If they were to place the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left hand to abandon this mission (Dawah to Islam), I would not do so until it has been well established or I would perish in my attempt to do so with heavy heart and sadness in his eyes. Then Abu Talib kindly reassured his nephew that he would not abandon him no matter what pressure was brought to bear on him, he would do his level best to protect him in every situation of his mission.

When Pagan Arabs were disappointed with Abu Talib's response. Then, the Quraish sent Utba, one of the tribal chiefs of the Quraish to bring a bargaining proposal to the prophet of Allah duly consented by the remaining chiefs and the elders of the Quraish.

1. If you want to be honoured and have a high status through your idea. We are ready to accept you as our chief.

2. If you want to marry, we will get you married to one of the most beautiful women of the Quraish.

3. If you have an intention to be rich by presenting your faith, we can collect and give so much wealth to let you be the richest person.

4. If you intend to become a king in this way, we will accept you as our king.

5. If a spirit or a ghost has overpowered you. We can arrange its remedy.

Utbah went on speaking in this strain and the Holy Prophet went on listening to him quietly. Then he said, "Have you said, O Abul Walid, what you had to say?" He replied that he had. The Holy Prophet said: "Well, now listen to me." Then pronouncing Bismillah in Rehman-in-Rahim he began to recite this very Surah, and Utbah kept on listening to it, putting his hands behind his back and leaning on them as he listened. Coming to the verse of prostration (v. 38) the Holy Prophet prostrated himself; then raising his head, said, "This was my reply, O Abul Walid, now you may act as you please." Then Utbah arose and walked back towards the chiefs, the people saw him from afar, and said: "By God! Utbah's face is changed. He does not look the same man that he was when he went from here." Then, when he came back and sat down, the people asked, "What have you heard?" He replied, "By God! I have heard something the like of which I had never heard before. By God, it's neither poetry, sorcery, nor magic. O chiefs of the Quraish, listen to what I say and leave this man to himself. I think what he recites is going to have its effect. If the other Arabs overcome him, you will be saved from raising your hand against your brother, and the others will deal with him. But if he overcame Arabia, his sovereignty would be your sovereignty and his honour your honour." Hearing this the chiefs spoke out: "You too, O father of Walid, have been bewitched by his tongue." Utbah replied, "I have given you my opinion; now you may act as you please." (Ibn Hisham, vol. I, pp. 313-314).

Then an era of persecution continued till Prophet Muhammad PBUH was forced to leave Makkah (beloved to him) and migrated to Madina with his companion. As inhabitants of Madina (Ansaar tribe) had heard Prophet’s PBUH upright character and good morals that are rarely the reason the resider of Madina invited Prophet Muhammad PBUH to Madina to teach and guide them. They became the first supporters of Islam that’s why they are called Ansaar Ullah (helper/supporter of Allah).

Quraish continued their oppression and even Muslims had been prohibited to enter the Kabah it was completely against the law and ethics of the society. They wanted to attack and uproot the small group of Muslims fearing that Islam would prevail over their traditional system and superiority would not remain. So for that, every house of market invested and contributed funds that money would bed bed bed ber battle This led to the battle of Badr, the battle of Uhad, battle the of the trench, prophet PBUH continue to struggle with less supply of resources, but truly dedicated himself to transmitting the message of God ultimately achieved the victory and success with the help of God.

Historians and orientalists are surprised that how Muhammad PBUH obtained possibilities from impossibilities whichwwereees unusual and unexpected have to remember wealth, power and resource are just a part of the le, but importantly your cause makes it good or bad. Hence Prophet PBUH exerted and fought for Truth and Justice. When Muhammad PBUH put all his best efforts into this mission with anm belief in God then victory was sent by God and with the conquest of Makkah. Islam prevailed over in complete Arabian peninsula. He faced many challenges and difficulties in Madina too and lived a very simple life, finalized his mission in just 23 years when Angel Jibrael AS asked “Do you want to live in this world or want to depart from this world ?.. Prophet PBUH preferred to leave this world. . even though the whole Arabian peninsula was once under his feet, he lived in poverty and was always humble to the people. He never demanded any reward or award from the world. When He died leaving nothing no wealth or asset behind him. Mother of believer Aisha RA had to borrow oil from His Jewish neighbour. His public and private life is like an open book so anyone can study His life and His Mission. I am sure whoever researched his life and contributions honestly regardless of their difference and opinions would bring to the conclusion that Prophet Muhammed PBUH was the greatest person who lived on the face of this earth and was sent as a Mercy to mankind. His noble and selfless character will always touch our hearts and minds

This is God’s way to guide us by sending his Noble human being as Messenger, upon whom he reveals His last message. We are human beings so God only sends human beings as Messenger. Neither Angels nor God comes Himself. This is His rule, Sunnah (way). Despite the massive propaganda by islamophobes against the Prophet Muhammad PBUH but still He is considered a very respectable Messenger by every sensible person, whose greatness is acknowledged by Muslims and Non-Muslims. Prophet Muhammad PBUH is a great figure in the world, and one of the most important people in the history of humanity has ever witnessed

Michael H Hart in his book ‘The 100, A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons In History,’ New York, 1978 chose prophet Muhammad as the number 1 among the 100 most influential people in the world. My choice of Muhammad to lead the list of the world's most influential persons may surprise some readers and may be questioned by others, but he was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both the religious and secular levels.-Michael H Hart.

Thus, It’s my humble request to all those who criticise Islam and Prophet Muhammad PBUH should study the biography of Prophet PBUH and His Mission. That’s the only way to clear their doubts about Islam and Prophet PBUH. There are some evil forces whose aim is to mislead humanity by creating misconceptions about Prophet pbuh. Here, I have briefly portrayed some glimpse of his personality but if we go through his biography, that will surely suffice to clear the doubts.images%20(61).jpgdownload%20(6).jpg