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    benefits Ayat ul Kursi with Tajweed on your Phone..!

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    Ayatul Kursi with tajweed 2017 is a Smartphone application that brings Muslims all over the world an opportunity to listen to beautiful recitation of highly blessed Verse of Kuri present in second Chapter of the Holy Quran. Besides Translation and Transliteration, it also provides user with Tajweed and Testing one`s own Tajweed for increased understanding of appropriate pronunciations during recital.

    Some of the unique characteristics of this mobile phone app are:
    • Easy to comprehend functions combined with pleasant looking User Interface.
    • Soulful Audio Narration in voices of two renowned Reciters: Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais and Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy.
    • Play and Pause selections help in starting and stopping the narration at any time.
    • Tajweed Section covers the Instructions that can be played and paused for better comprehension of rules of Pronunciation.
    • In Test Your Tajweed Segment, one can also record its own version of Recitation in order to Test the degree of correctness of Tajweed in its Reading of Ayatul Kursi.
    • Translation option converts the actual meaning of this consecrated verse into English for user`s improved familiarity with its Instructions.
    • Transliteration facet assists one to grasp the correct technique of articulating this Ayah.
    • Font Size can be adjusted according to one`s own choice.
    • 3 distinctive Font Styles are also available to choose from.
    • Benefits and Blessings Part includes all the Prophetic PBUH Sayings about virtues of reciting this extremely hallowed Ayah of Quran Pak.
    • Share option assists the user in letting others know about this highly useful Islamic app by utilizing various Sharing Platforms.

    Download this free of charge and user-friendly Smartphone app of Ayatul Kursi so as to master your pronunciation of Ayatul Kursi besides benefiting from tremendous blessings of Allah SWT by listening and reciting in the proper way.

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