Pashto Keyboard
Pashto Keyboard پښتو کیلي‎isthe best keyboard to write in Pashto with emoji in roman Pashto language. Thisapp is a simple keyboard which has English letter keyboard layout withdifferent Pashto typing keyboard theme and size. With Pashto Keyboard پښتو کیلي‎appis the best Pashto typing keyboard which instantly connect you with yourfavorite people. This keyboard is fast and very secure keyboard. Thisprofessional keyboard has Auto-correction with lots of new emoji. With PashtoKeyboard پښتو کیلي ‎ you can easily change the keyboard layout and keyboardthemes.
Pashto Keyboard پښتو کیلي is a typing keyboardspecially designed to type in Pashto from which user can customized accordingto his need. Pashto keyboard is the combination of keyboard themes with emojifor interesting communication. Pashto Keyboard پښتو کیلي app is designed forthose who love to type in Pashto. This app provides you Pashto typing so thatyou can type Pashto or learn Pashto.
Features of Pashto Keyboard پښتو کیلي ‎:
- Stunning themes.
- Simple user interface.
- Write in Pashto.
- Smooth touch implementation.
- Next word suggestions.
- English to Pashto translation.

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