Salam Alakium People

I need EVERYBODYs help on this. Recently setup a website for converts/reverts. Please Please. If you can help. Do!. Im not gona throw Quranic verses at you telling you we should work together, or try and engage in good acts and dawah. You probably know them all and wont appreciate me repeating it again and patronising you. The website is so that converts/reverts and muslim sisters who have started to wear the Hijab to post there stories. Why they decided to do change? What made them click. Etc. I dont know this stuff, you all know better than me! So please Help me do this for the sake of Allah. Try and help others see your pov, and your perspective. Somebody somewhere might read it and be guided. I cant stress how much i ask everybody to help as much as possible. I dont want members to join the forum. This isnt some big scam to get members on my site. You can visit the forum and post your stories without being a member, or you can email them directly. You can remain anonymous. YOU HAVENT GOT ANY EXCUSE PEOPLE! Comon, please help if you can. I jst want a collection of as many stories, nothing long or detailed, as long as you want it to be. Everybodies view will be respected, from all backgrounds.

Please visit the website, ive put soo much effor into it, i dont money, or status or anything material. You will get the thawab (reward)for writing them, and especially if somebody reads them and is guided. I just want Muslims to get together, help each other out. I wont lie, i do want something, and that is your knowledge through the experiences you've had. Ive put so much time,effort and money into the website, so please try and contribute in any way you can. If you know anybody, ask them if they want to help too.

The website is:

To post a story YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MEMBER, start a thread in:

or email me directly at: [email protected]

Asking for your duaas and supplications.

May Allah bless us all, and have mercy upon us