The news of the Qur’an is the revealer of bodily resurrection, and the discloser of the enigmatic talisman of the world and the key to the wisdom in the universe. Also, the certain rational proofs contained in the Qur’an of Miraculous Exposition, which it lays before the eyes, commanding that they be pondered over are thousands in number. In short, the Qur’an presents for man to study a great many verses and great many telescopes revealing eternal bliss, like,

Say, “He will give them life Who created them in the first instance…,” Qur’an, 36:79.
Seeing that He has created you in successive stages, Qur’an, 71:14.

which comprise a comparison or analogy, and,
Nor is your Sustainer ever unjust to His servants, Qur’an, 41:46.

which points to evidence of justice.
On passing from stage to stage, the human body undergoes wondrous and orderly transformations. From sperm to a blood-clot; from a blood-clot to flesh and bone; from flesh and bone to a new creation, that is, the transformation into human form; it follows extremely precise rules. Each of these stages has such particular laws, such determined order, such regular development that it displays the manifestations of a purpose, will, choice, and wisdom as though through glass.
Thus, the All-Wise Maker, Who creates the body in this way, changes it every year as if it were clothes. For the body to be changed and for its continuance, a compound is necessary so that new particles appear that will work and fill the place of the parts that are dissolved. Since the body’s cells are destroyed through an orderly Divine law, it requires a subtle matter, known as sustenance, which will repair it, again through an orderly dominical law. The True Provider allots and distributes this sustenance through a particular law in relation to the different needs of the body’s members.
Now, consider the behaviour of the subtle matter which the All-Wise Provider sends: you will see that while the matter’s particles are dispersed through the air, soil, and water like a caravan, they suddenly gather together in a way that suggests a deliberate action, as though they had suddenly received the order to move. They collect together in the most orderly fashion as if each particle of them was entrusted with a duty and ordered to proceed to a specified place. Also, it is apparent from their conduct that they are being propelled through a particular law of one who acts and has choice, and from the realm of the inanimate are entering the animal kingdom. Then they enter a body as sustenance through a particular rule, and with a determined order and in a regular process, and after being cooked in the four kitchens of the body, undergoing four amazing transformations, and being strained through four filters, they are apportioned through regular laws and the beneficence of the True Provider according to the all-different needs of the members, and are circulated to every part of the body.
Thus, whichever of these particles you consider with the eye of wisdom, you will see that blind chance, lawless coincidence, deaf nature, and unconscious causes can in no way interfere with it; it is impelled in a discerning, orderly, hearing, and knowing fashion. For whichever stage each of them enters from the surrounding element to the body’s cell, it acts as though voluntarily through the specified laws of that stage. It enters it in an orderly fashion. To whichever level it journeys, it steps with such order that it appears self-evidently to be proceeding at the command of an All-Wise Mover. In this way, it gradually advances from stage to stage, and level to level until, at the command of its Sustainer, without deviating from its aim and object, it reaches its appropriate position, for example the pupil of Tevfik’s eye, where it establishes itself and works.
This situation, that is, the manifestation of dominicality in sustenance, demonstrates that first the particles were determined; they were appointed to the task, they were designated to those positions. It is as if the existence of an arrangement and order, like “This will be the sustenance of so-and-so’s cells” being written on the forehead of each of them, points to each person’s sustenance being written on his forehead by the pen of Divine Determining, and his name being written on his sustenance. Is it at all possible that the All-Glorious Maker, Who nurtures and sustains with boundless power and all-encompassing wisdom, Who has absolute disposal over all beings from minute particles to the planets, and spins them with order and balance, should not bring about ‘the last creation,’ or that he should be unable to do so?
Thus, many verses of the Qur’an present to man’s view this wise last creation, which will take place at the resurrection of the dead and Great Gathering. It removes doubt and uncertainty. It says:
Say, He will give them life Who created them in the first instance… Qur’an, 36:79.

That is, the One Who created you from nothing in so wise a form is He Who will bring you to life again in the hereafter. And it says:
And it is He Who begins [the process of] creation, then repeats it; and for Him it is most easy. Qur’an, 30:27.
That is, “Your return and being raised to life at the resurrection is easier and more trouble-free than your creation in this world.”
Just as it is easier and more trouble-free for the soldiers of a regiment who have dispersed to rest to regather under the regimental flag at the sound of a bugle than forming a new regiment from scratch, so according to reason, it is easier and more possible than the first creation for the fundamental particles of a body, which are intermingled and familiar and connected with one another, to regather at the trumpet-blast of the angel Israfil (Peace be upon him), and reply to the All-Glorious Creator’s command with, “Here we are, O Lord!” Anyway, perhaps it is not necessary for all the particles to regather. The fundamental parts and essential particles, which are like nuclei and seeds, and are called “the root of the tail” (the coccyx) in a Hadith, may be sufficient as a basis of the second creation. The All-Wise Creator may construct the human body on them.

From: Risale-i Nur Collection