Pass this on to a Hajji …

This one page Umrah guide, and one page Hajj guide is going to make your life so easy, in sha Allah. And if you pass it on to someone else, they’ll make loads of dua for you.

(Here’s an idea, print it out for your Hajj friends and family, and in pen write “please make dua for me” and sign it. That way, when they use the Hajj/Umrah guide, they’ll constantly be reminded to make dua for you.)

Here is the Umrah guide:

Here is the free Hajj guide:

But a warning: make sure you have LOTS of extra copies, cause your friends will be begging for copies.

(Printing instructions: When you print it, it’ll come out as 2 pages for each guide, those 2 pages need to be back to back. That way the guide will come out to one page, double sided.)

With best wishes to see you succeed at the highest level!
- Muhammad Alshareef

PS The Hajj/Umrah guides are available on different websites throughout the world wide web. If you would like to post it up on your websites, you are welcome to do that. Use key words: Muhammad Alshareef Hajj Umrah guide