HTS is an Acronym for Hayat Tehreer ash-Shaam, an organisation above level of ISIL,its daughter organisation.
Its a khawarij group&we call it a khawarij group because it has followed its parent organisation ISIL step by step.
Its based on even more ignomarous principles&is having screams&shouts from all good Syrians.
Shariah has already been discussed & is on implementation by HTS,to loot innocents.

All those eyes who witnessed ISil fitan can see through it.

Those who fall into it were pure khawarijites.Overnight changes in manhaj never happens.#JN #JFS #HTS .

The mergers with JA were well done works by Saeed al Halabi crowd

We are told in our Islamic texts,they(khawarij of end times) would be huge in number &we heard their stronghold is Syria.So,we have a beautiful quotation from a long hadeeth :

“if the squadron who were to encounter them knew what boon their Prophet(sal Allah hu alayhe wasallam) has promised them,they would rely on this deed alone”