there will also be a Muslim majority Ethiopia by 2050, it's only mentioned in passing in this article, but read on:

Arabs are projected to become a majority in Israel's south, leading to security concerns, and there also fears of an arab majority israel or a binational state

there are also demographic time bombs, in Britain (muslim majority by 2050), germany, russia, france, austria, the netherlands, eritrea, eastern parts of india near bangladesh, bosnia, greece, australia, canada, and by 2050, muslims will make up 2.1 percent of the population of the us, overtaking jews, whose population is in decline due to intermarriage, irreligiosity, religious conversion, and low fertility rates. this means Muslim lobbying will likely surpass AIPAC, leading to a decrease in Zionist control over the US.

the reason for these demographic time bombs are high fertility rates, immigration, and conversion.