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    Strasbourg shooting: At least four dead several injured in attack at Christmas market

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    Strasbourg shooting: At least four dead, several injured in attack at Christmas market - latest news

    Henry Samuel, paris David Chazan, paris Victoria Ward
    12 DECEMBER 2018 • 1:23AM
    Four killed and a dozen injured in shooting at Christmas market
    Terror suspect identified as Cherif C remains on the run
    Police raided suspect's home on morning of the attack
    Attacker armed with an automatic pistol and knife
    A suspected terrorist was on the run last night after killing at least four people and injuring a dozen more in the eastern French city of Strasbourg near its Christmas market.

    Shots were reportedly exchanged in a street of the southern district of Neudorf after a manhunt involving police and soldiers but there was no confirmation he had been localised.

    French authorities are treating the shooting as a terrorist act after identifying the gunman, named Cherif C, a radicalised 29-year old from the city on a “S” security and terror watch list, thanks to CCTV. Anti-terrorist prosecutors have opened an investigation.

    Questions were being raised last night over how the assailant had managed to evade capture yesterday morning. Police were due to arrest him over a botched armed robbery but he had escaped and grenades were found at his home.

    Hours later, shortly before 8pm, the assailant went on the rampage in Strasbourg’s city centre in the bustling rue des Ofrèvres armed with an automatic pistol and knife.

    Police reported the attacker was shot and wounded by patrolling soliders before he fled the scene. According to France Info, the wounded suspect took a taxi driver hostage to escape soldiers. The driver reportedly escaped unharmed.

    According to Interior Minister Christophe Castaner, the suspect has an existing criminal record.

    The mayor of Strasbourg , Roland Ries, said the gunman got inside a security zone to stage the attack.

    Cherif C, the Strasbourg terror suspect
    Cherif C, the Strasbourg terror suspect CREDIT: TWITTER
    Theresa May said she was "shocked and saddened" by the "terrible" attack in Strasbourg. She tweeted: "My thoughts are with all of those affected and with the French people."

    Terrified residents and tourists sought cover in bars and restaurants and footage on social media showed at least one victim lying on the ground as others screamed.

    At least two of the wounded last night were said to be in a critical condition. The gunman was wounded by soldiers on patrol as part of France’s Sentinelle anti-terror operation but managed to flee, said police. One of the soldiers was wounded in the hand in the exchange.

    A local man named Philippe told Europe 1 radio: “I saw a person on the ground, unconscious and bleeding. There was another person on the ground just behind, and one or two more a bit further along the street.”

    One eyewitness who tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate a Thai tourist shot by the gunman, said: “I though it was just firecrackers but it turned out to be actual gunshots.

    “I saw one person lying there a tourist from Thailand accompanied by his wife or girlfriend was unhurt. We tried resuscitation efforts for 45 minutes. We dragged him into a restaurant close by and we tried our best to bring him back to life with CPR but it seemed that that was futile.”

    The European Parliament was in lockdown, with MEPs, staff and journalists unable to leave the building, a few kilometres from the square.

    Caught in drama was Sajjad Karim, the British MEP who survived the 2008 Mumbai terror attack in which 174 died by hiding in the basement. He said: “I am in the EP completely safe and unable to leave at present. It’s an unfolding situation: and my thoughts are with the victims.”

    Sajjad Karim MEP Conservative

    Thoughts with victims in #Strasbourg shootings - I am safe and in @Europarl_EN

    1:29 PM - Dec 11, 2018
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    Richard Corbett, a Labour MEP, tweeted that he was in a restaurant in the centre of Strasbourg, adding: “Restaurant locked and not letting anyone in or out.”

    Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, said: “Our thoughts are with the victims of the Strasbourg shooting which I condemn with great firmness. Strasbourg is par excellence a town that symbolises peace and European democracy.”

    Across the city centre people were ordered to stay put, with some 5000 spectators still being held at a basketball game at 1am local time.

    Spectators who were trapped at the SIG Strasbourg basketball game reportedly began singing the French national anthem "to pay homage to the victims of the shootings".

    Police officers secure a street and the surrounding area after a shooting in Strasbourg
    Police officers secure a street and the surrounding area after a shooting in Strasbourg CREDIT: VINCENT KESSLER/REUTERS
    French MPs at the National Assembly expressed their solidarity and the Senate held a minute’s silence. President Emmanuel Macron was due to attend a government crisis committee overnight.

    Francois de Rugy, the French ecology minister, tweeted: “Solidarity and support for the people of Strasbourg. Our support too for the security forces. We are united and determined to protect the French people.”

    But some already started criticising President Emmanuel Macron’s security credentials.

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    Re: Strasbourg shooting: At least four dead several injured in attack at Christmas ma

    i hope they catch the shooter soon and that this is not a start of another wave of terrorist attacks.
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    Re: Strasbourg shooting: At least four dead several injured in attack at Christmas ma

    its sad that the problem of terrorism,hate is increasing.in both muslims and non muslims

    reciprocal radicalisation.

    my experiences and story

    in my signature

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