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    السلام عليكم


    [A reference to al-Wāthiq ibn al-Mʿutaṣim bill
    āh, the 9th ʿAbbāsid Caliph]

    They are numerous. Those biased towards their factions, those who discourage freeing the female captives.

    Al-Ḥāfiẓ ibn Kathīr (may Allāh have mercy on him) said in al-Bid
    āyah al-Nihāya (The Beginning and the End):

    Then began the year 231 H. In that year, a prisoner exchange occurred, where the Muslims imprisoned by the Romans were exchanged under the command of the Amīr Ḵẖāqān al-Ḵẖādim in the month of Muḥarram of that year. The prisoners were 4,362.

    Ibn Kathīr said:

    The prisoner exchange took place by a river called al-Lāmis, by Salūqīya close to Ṭarsūs. Each Muslim or Muslimah in the hands of the Romans, or dhimmī or dhimmīyah who had a contract with the Muslims was to be exchanged for a prisoner, who had not embraced Islām, from the Roman (captives) in the hands of the Muslims.

    So two bridges were erected across the river, so whenever the Romans sent a Muslim or Muslimah across their bridge, this Muslim or Muslimah made takbīr (cried 'Allāhū Akbar!') and the Muslims made takbīr. Then the Muslims would send a prisoner across their bridge to the Romans and they also spoke with that which resembled the takbīr.

    Then Ibn Kathīr said regarding the same topic, and how sorrowful is what he said:

    Then the Caliph al-Wāthiq commanded for those prisoners exchanged for the Roman prisoners to be tested (about their belief) regarding the Qurʾān being created and that Allāh cannot be seen in the Hereafter *.

    So whoever responded that the Qurʾān is created and that Allāh cannot be seen in the hereafter was exchanged, otherwise they were left in the hands of the disbelievers!

    That is a ugly and heinous innovation that is not based on the Qurʾān, Sunnah, or on a sound mind. Rather, the Qurʾān, Sunnah and the sound mind are contrary to that – as is clarified in it's place [in the clear Islamic rulings regarding such cases and events], and from Allāh we seek help.

    [End Quote Ibn Kathīr]

    So I [Abū Muhammad al-Maqdisī] say:

    How many from among the factions and groups, and those biased towards them today, follow that ugly and heinous innovation that is not based on the Qurʾān, Sunnah nor on a sound mind. How many dwarves in the factions and groups of this era, and those biased towards them, take after al-Wāthiq in his terrible crime against the male and female (Muslim) prisoners?!

    Some of them don’t free from the Muslim prisoners except those that they know are in agreement with them and their faction. Eve
    n if the female prisoner is from the chaste Muslimāt, they [the afore mentioned factions] make excuses for forsaking them and leaving them in the hands of the apostates under the claim that they are the women of the ḵẖawārij or the ghulāt [extremists or those who exceed the boundaries of the religion]!

    So fie upon such ʿaṣabiyah (partisanship) and bias which killed the ghīra [ardour or sense of honour] of some after it killed their religious brotherhood and their faith based allegiance (al-Walāʿ).

    If only they had understood the reality (of this brotherhood) and that all the general masses of the Muslims are included in it, they would not have discouraged the efforts of those with ghīra (sense of honour) to free their sisters.

    *[Translators’ Note: Major innovations in ʿaqīdah - belief, creed - present among the rulers at the time that contradict the clear texts and ʿaqīdah of ahl sunnah wa jamāʿah.]

    By Shaykh Abū Muhammad al-Maqdisī (may Allāh preserve him)

    Adapted from: https://t.me/s/MuslimPrisoners1?q=maqdisi

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    “Your soul is just like your enemy; if it finds you serious, it will obey you. But if it finds you weak, it will take you as a prisoner.”

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