Dear All

The preservation of self is a powerful force in man; in fact a constant fear of defeat for him, even existing this on an intellectual level. In an attempt to avoid intellectual defeat, proof and evidence is created either consciously or subconsciously, Beliefs that are held either consciously or subconsciously. Another thing defeat even in minor situations which causes a feeling of being overwhelmed will lead us to an inferiority complex and fear. This is why when people are confronted with something disproving their beliefs, their automatic reaction is to reject those new ideas and principles. According to this psyche believing in one’s own ideas and principles are right thing therefore they construct around themselves a fort of protection that we call blind following, or taqlid (followed one with out any rationale, with closed eyes). This manner of blind following is the sworn enemy of knowledge and insight and is the first opponent of invitation to the truth and to revolutionary movements. A vivid display of this is given by the nations to whom the various prophets were sent. To every prophet’s plea to follow the Guidance, the masses invariably responded, How can we leave what has been passed down to us from our ancestors? We are not prepared to do this. In Quran chapter 43 verse 23 has highlighted this significant element;

This is not the first time that such an argument is being presented. Even before your time, whenever we sent a Rasool (Prophet/Messenger of God) who warned them about the catastrophic results of their erroneous deeds the people who were used to easy and luxurious way of life always opposed him. These people who have shun others from any research or in-depth study and did not do anything for other men living, they were happy living on other people's labor and earnings. They only argument they said, that we have found our forefathers on this path; and verily we are going to follow their footsteps. We will not leave at any cost.

The success of their dominance was because those masses are following them blindly, without giving a second thought to ponder with open mind.