1) whenever i recite "subhanallahi wabihamdi" 100 times a day to be forgiven of my sins, due to the hadeeth which says if you say it every day your sins will be forgiven even if they are as a big as a mountain, I always count with my fingers but forget my sets of 5 or 10 repetitions. Is this waswasa? and why do I feel like I am doing even more good deed or strengthening myself even more by reciting extra by accident in this way? i almost feel....happy...about it. is this a sign i love to worship? or is it waswasa? is it a good thing or a bad thing?
2) is the more one suffers from illness or hardship in this world lead to more good things in only the Hereafter or also the dunya? because i often catch myself wishing when im sick to not pray to get better, so that I earn more, especially when I want to visit someone or have someone visit me despite my mother's objections due to my desire to talk to their young, female (or male, but usually female, due to my sensitivity and emotional nature) children due to developmental delays due to autism (not pedophilia)
3) if i yell at my mother out of hunger and thirst leading me to become irritable during the 9th day of dhul hijjah, or the 10th day of ashura, will my sins still be forgiven?