I want to know How to over come Social Anxiety?

If you want to know what acutally Social Anxiety is read this http://www.socialphobia.org/whatis.html

I had some very similar problems as listed there like not able to attend classes due to the reason we have some presentation infront of classs, does not like to meet new peoople or mix with them , and the worst part is that even sometime is some not very close to me but known to ask me to get with him at dinner or just at market , i just feel too much tension , feel vomating and if he tell me this few time before even days , this tension remain for days and I only feel relex once the situation is over. In this tension I even cannot pray properly , eat properly or do any other work properly.

I am to much surfing for this, first i thought i am just alone feeling like that but after searhing net I feel that there are many many people might feeling like same.

Please , tell me is there any way I can over come. I always try to leave every thing on Allah and try to relax that Allah is so kind and love to us that he will always help me and he always help me , but I donot know why my body and mind did not completely relax.

Did any of you ever feel like same?