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Thread: Wasting Time

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    Wasting Time

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    Is wasting time a sin? I’ve heard that it can be mubah, makruh or haraam depending on the result.

    However, Ibn Abideen said that if a person wastes time reading poetry it is forbidden even if the poems have good in them.

    “there is no reason to forbid poetry [altogether]; yes, if it is regarding one who is wasting time without benefit, then he is forbidden, even if the poems had good counsel and wisdom.” [Ibn ‘Abideen, Radd al Muhtar ‘ala Durr al Mukhtar]

    Wouldn’t there be some productivity there because there are good things to take from them? Also, what if a person intends to gain something from this poetry that would help them. (Such as if someone was writing a book and were using other books/poems to help with inspiration or research) would it be regarded as a sin?

    Also, Imam Muslim said this about reading excesses of poetry “On the face of it, this means that one’s heart is filled until it busies him from the Qur’an and the remembrance of Allah, but if the Qur’an and the remembrance of Allah are dominant in him, then to us, this person is not stuffed full with poetry.”

    Jazzakallahu Khair.

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    Re: Wasting Time


    Please visit this site for general advice regarding time


    Please check the school of thought matches the one you follow.

    Time is so valuable. Never procrastinate and never think you will be extra religious in old age. This is a common trick of the shaytaan. So many young people are dying and will continue to die. Utilise every second of your time. We wil be asked how we utilised our wealth, our health, our youth and our time.

    How should she get rid of those who are wasting her life - islamqa.info
    My friends are unfortunately uselessthey do not consider time with careand Allah is the One whose help I seek.- They talk on the phone for hours and they call m...

    My battery is dying on my phone. Even mobile phone's have a life span lol. Sorry for the short response but i am out of time/battery!! Utilise time before you loose it. Utilise your youth before old age. Your good health before your poor health. Your time before death takes you.
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    Wasting Time

    Pain and hardships allow you to grow spiritually Alhamdulilah so smile when a so called calamity befalls upon you.
    Alhamdulilah Allah swt is the greatest.

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