If a person does not recite the Quran that much but does what is obligatory (prayers etc.) for whatever reasons (work, negligence). Would that person be doing haraam? There was a Quran verse that said the person who goes away from remembrance will have a narrowed life. Which I am guessing would mean that they are limiting themselves of the chances that get into heaven.
Also, Imam Muslim said this when talking about reading poetry: “On the face of it, this means that one’s heart is filled until it busies him from the Qur’an and the remembrance of Allah, but if the Qur’an and the remembrance of Allah are dominant in him, then to us, this person is not stuffed full with poetry.”
Does this quote outright forbid or just look down upon this?

I would really appreciate answers to these questions.

Jazzakallahu Khair