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    2 verses have scared me

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    AssalamualaykumThey go like this " But he who withholds and considers himself free of need." "And denies the best reward."( Balad)
    I feel that these are for me
    They match with my personality. My heart is not filled with yaqeen i think. Sometimes i doubt that my good deeds are being recorded.
    It's pushing me towards sins. I consider small sins as nothing. And when i make dua in sujood, i dont feel it.
    Before, i used to make dua cupping my hands after prayer. ... now i amke dua in sujood but i dont feel it. Like i am just reciting whatever i want in my language but don't want it by heart.
    Sometimes, i feel that jannah is not for me. These two verse. They match my life.
    2 verses have scared me

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    Re: 2 verses have scared me

    Yes sometimes especially when I am low in faith, I readd the Quran and get negative because I feel like it's calling me out as a person. And there are times where I can't even feel anything while praying and I hate when this happens.

    You need to change your mentality and intentions.

    First understand that you need to change who you are. You have made mistakes in the past, repent.. But also, don't keep dwelling to the point where you are hopeless and have no motivation to move on. You have to move on and change yourself.
    Make your intention and make dua to become a better Muslim who can feel sincerity and love towards Allah. This'll make you fear minor sins even more.

    Another thing.. Realize the dangers of minor sins. Don't think about how major the sin is, but think about WHO you are transgressing against.

    Minor sins are no good. People end up taking them lightly, slowly more and more sins. One after another. Soon they'll be doing many sins without feeling guilt. THey will be conditioned to thinking that these sins are okay. Then maybe major sins will be more likely to occur.

    Our goals as Muslims are to strive to follow the sunnah. Incorporate more sunnah acts to your life and gradually cut away sin.
    Force yourself to change. It isnt easy. Have a positive mindset

    And to increase your faith, you need to be more conscious of Allah. To be more conscious of Allah you'd have to do a number of things:
    -Watch lectures
    -cut out sin
    -read Quran
    -Fill your life with good deeds
    _remember Allah
    -Go visit the masjid to pray often
    -Make good Muslim friends who can influence you

    It won't be easy to increase faith, but after you do.. It'll be a lot easier to prevent yourself from reaching an extreme low point in faith than it is to bring it back up. You gotta stay consistent.

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