Knowledge of the Beautiful Names and Supreme Attributes of Allah is the most honourable of all knowledge. Each of Allah"s Names has a special Attribute, for His Names are descriptions of praise and perfection. There have to be actions for each Attribute that enable this attribute to be apparent, and every action has to be carried out upon somebody and there has to be a connection between the two (the action and the one it is carried out upon). And it is impossible to separate His Essence from His Names, and it is impossible to separate His Names from the Attributes and their meanings they imply. It is also impossible to separate the Attributes from the actions that make the Attribute apparent, or to separate the action from the one it is carried out upon. All of this is part of the effects of Allah"s Beautiful Names and Supreme Attributes.Allah"s deeds are all carried out with wisdom. He does what is good for the people, and His names are all Beautiful. And it is impossible to separate these Names from the actions that naturally result from them, (results which are good for His creation). It is for this reason that Allah rejects those who describe Him with something that does not befit Him, claiming that He didn’t help His slaves by laying down commands and prohibitions, and rewards and punishments. It is a mistake to think this of Allah, and it is an act of disrespect towards Him. Allah says what is written below in relation to those who deny that He sent messengers and revealed scriptures:"They did not appraise Allah with true appraisal when they said: "Allah did not reveal to a human being anything" "
(Al-An"âm: 91).