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Thread: Levels of Emaan

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    Levels of Emaan

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    السلام عليكم

    The Levels of Emaan

    "...Ibn Taimiya argues that Imaan is composed of:

    (1) Essentials or foundation without which Imaan is missing in totality:
    If one fails to fulfill any one of these, he is outside of the fold of Islam and will
    remain in the Hell-fire forever.

    (2) Obligatory aspects: If one fails to fulfill any one of them, he may be
    deserving of punishment in the Hereafter. However, the person who fails only
    in these aspects will not be in the Hell-fire forever. Instead, he will be rescued
    by the mercy of Allah and entered into Paradise. If one performs all of these
    obligatory aspects, one will be entered, by the grace and mercy of Allah,
    directly into Paradise without first suffering any punishment for what was
    lacking in his Imaan.

    (3) Recommended or beloved acts: These are the acts that will
    distinguish the People of Paradise from one another. These are the acts that
    will determine the various degrees of reward and positions of Paradise that are described in the Quran and hadith.

    lbn Taimiya then quoted the following verse of the Quran as referring
    to these three categories of "Muslims-believers-those who excel":

    "Then We gave the Book for inheritance to such of Our slaves whom We chose
    [the followers of Muhammad]. Then of them are some who wrong themselves,
    and of them are some who follow a middle course, and of them are some who are, by Allah's leave, foremost in good deeds. That [inheritance of the
    Quran]- that is indeed a great Grace
    " (Faatir 32)...."

    Based on : Commentary on The Forty Hadeeth of Al-Nawawi , by J.Zarabozo, Vol.1, pp.197-198.

    السلام عليكم

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    Re: Levels of Emaan

    Ihsan is the highest level one can reach and that is thru praying as if you stand in front of Allah you don't see him but he sees you
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