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View Full Version : Commonly Asked Questions

  1. Google Asks
  2. Answering Google
  3. Do Muslims believe in Jesus?
  4. Do Muslims celebrate Thanksgiving?
  5. Do Muslims celebrate Birthdays?
  6. Do Muslims celebrate Christmas?
  7. Do Muslims eat pork?
  8. Do Muslims believe in God?
  9. Do Muslims eat beef?
  10. Do Muslims wear turbans?
  11. Do Muslims celebrate Halloween?
  12. Do Muslims believe in heaven?
  13. Why Islam prohibits riba?
  14. Why Islam prohibits music?
  15. Why Islam prohibits pork meat
  16. Why Islam prohibits alcohol?
  17. Does Islam promote violence?
  18. Does Islam believe in reincarnation?
  19. Does Islam believe in hell?
  20. Does Islam believe in Jesus?
  21. Does Islam believe in God?
  22. Does Islam teach violence?
  23. Does Islam have a hell?
  24. Does Islam accept Jesus?
  25. Does Islam mean peace?
  26. Does Islam allow abortion?
  27. Why music is forbidden in Islam
  28. Is similies Allowed
  29. Sushi
  30. Can we recite quran on bed
  31. Is Janna under the husband's feet?
  32. A question regarding homosexuality.
  33. Promises and words
  34. What if someone owes to pay someone his fees (a tutor)?
  35. Assalaam Alaikum
  36. Can A muslim watch hijabi youtubers
  37. Muslims aren't terrorist
  38. Can I take my mobile phone loaded with quran app. with me in to the bathroom?-
  39. Is it permissible to wish someone birthday ?
  40. I have a question
  41. Why do Muslims fast?
  42. Why do Muslims hate dogs?
  43. Why do Muslims kill?
  44. Why don't Muslims eat pork?
  45. Why do Muslims hate America?
  46. Why do Muslims pray?
  47. Why do Muslims have beards?
  48. Why do Muslims cover their hair?
  49. What do Muslims believe?
  50. What do Muslims wear?
  51. What do Muslims believe about Jesus?
  52. What do Muslims eat?
  53. About reading Quran.
  54. Wearing clothes with pig picture on it
  55. Is organ transplantation permissible?
  56. Are Non muslims and muslims equal according to the Qur'an?
  57. Will Hz Isa a.s follow Hz Muhammad s.a.w..?
  58. Is God capable of creating other deities?
  59. What is so wrong on freely chating with oppisite genders?
  60. It is really obligatory or optional to do ablution before reciting namaz?
  61. Questions about story of Adam
  62. Women in Islam
  63. What happens when we die.
  64. Can they see us after they have left the dunya?
  65. A question about Jannat
  66. Question about verses of Sajdah in the Quran
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