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03-21-2005, 01:10 PM
Her beauty so radiant, it draws you in
You feel a connection from deep within
Her name is something you long to know
The name of beauty so unique, such glow
She beckons to you, running you come
To hear what her lips have to utter

Come with me she says to you
I am the source of pleasure
Once you have me you won't let me go
My force is something strong, its me you long
Denial will only cause you to suffer

Pledge your life give it to me
You deserve to have some fun
You are too weak to deny me
Don't try to run for wherever you go
That is where you will find me

You fool you have caved
Straight in to the trap I have laid
For this you shall surely pay
I made you weak
My pleasure you did seek

Now the price you shall have to pay
Straight in to the burning fire
Pain and torment is waiting for you
For what you did was truly misdeed
I am here to simply mislead

My name you did so long to know
Duniya is what I am called
Here to capture your very soul
Making you sin is my only goal

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