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02-06-2008, 12:39 AM
As Salaam Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

Please to read this because it is very important!!

1. No-one shall post any information that identifies a specific child, for example surname, address, which school they attend and similar. Posts containing such information will be deleted. Anyone deemed by the moderators to be deliberately trying to solicit such information shall be banned permanently.

2. We strongly recommended that you do not post pictures of children here. Some internet paedophiles steal pictures from websites, particularly of unclothed or partially clothed children. Therefore posting pictures of unclothed or partially clothed children is not allowed, and the pictures will be removed. We are sorry if this seems overly harsh, but we wish to protect all children from these evil disgusting predators. (also see note below on swimming pools and beaches)

For the purpose of this rule, fully clothed means at minimum knee lenght skirt/shorts and a short sleeved t-shirt, with no midriff showing. Also styles of dress imitating sexually alluring clothing of adults will not be allowed, regardless of how much they actually cover.

3. Any user found to be an adult posing as a child will be permanently banned and reported to the police.

General information on protecting your children from paedophiles

1. Make sure you teach your children, in an age appropriate fashion, about what is appropriate and what is not appropriate behaviour from adults, e.g. in related to who touches them, sees them undressed etc. They should also know that adults should not expect them to keep secrets, especially about bad things that happen, or being "punished" for something or about "games". The NSPCC and other child protection agencies have books for dealing with this issue in a sensitive and age appropriate way for small children, and can offer comprehensive advice on these issues for parents of children of all ages.

2. On the internet: supervise your child's use of the internet, and make sure you child knows not to reveal any details about themselves, that they must not post pictures of themselves, that they should use a pseudonym, that they are aware that sometimes adults pretend to be children in order to hurt them or make them do horrible things, and that they should talk to you about anything they find, read or that is said to them that makes them feel uncomfortable, or that they know to be haram.

3. A trick of some paedophiles is to take pictures of children at the beach or at swimming pools, particularly in areas where children get changed, and then upload them onto the internet, using mobile phones. Report any suspicious behaviour to lifeguards, pool employees or the police as soon as you can, and remove your child(ren) from the area asap. Most swimming pool staff are aware of this problem and have taken steps to prevent it, like banning mobile phones.

4. Some of the worst paedophiles are very very well organised, and will spend months, even years "grooming" a child, and the child's family, winning their trust, with the aim of finally being left alone with the child, and terrifying the child into keeping quiet. Be aware of this fact. Do not leave your children with people who are not police checked (but remember if a paedophile hasn't been caught or convicted yet they will pass a police check) and also see point 1. about teaching your child about this issue, so that they are not terrified into silence, but will talk to you if something is done to them. Make sure that your child knows that in situations like this it is not the child's fault.

Please remember: Anyone can get an account here, and once they have one they can access this section. Photos can very easily be taken from this site, and potentially a paedo could be in here stealing photos, or reading posts to find information about children, and if they never made any posts no-one would know that they were doing anything. So whilst the vast majority of people would never dream of doing such a thing, it only takes one sicko to endanger all our children. Hence the rules.

Allah Hafiz
Sister Fatima

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