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02-14-2008, 08:01 PM

I don't know where to begin.

I'm 23 years old now and from a muslim family that knows all about islamic ettiquette and law...

for over 28 years my "father" has been physically/emotionally abusing my mother from kicking her in the face and leaving her nose bloody to emotionally abusing her self esteem so much that she forgets to spell her own name and speak english since shes treated like ****.

I remember when I was 4-5 years old, I would see him kicking her in her face and making gestures to his private areas to her and saying this I feel ashamed to say.

I remember the fights and emotionally abuse continuing in grade 7-8 and on.

He and fast forward 28 years of there marriage and they are old and grew and my "father" to this day beats her and emotionally abuses her to such an extent that I cannot explain.

I am now 23 years old and my elder siblings and much older and he still to this day saids words to her like "mother****er" "his private etc..." and everyday of our life he fights to the point we all go crazy in the house and it never stops....he fights everyday on the hour....divorce is not an option for her since shes trapped and as are we...since we have nowhere to go...if we moved out...maybe he wouldve murdered her by now.....

I have on many occasions fist fighted him and fought him off of her....now in islam ...am I suppose to say "hes my lovely father" and let him beat the **** out of my mother?

I asked many so callled scholars in this religion of islam and they cant even reply to this scenario...they all say "hes your father" respect him ....hes the key to heaven...now does a man who flashes his privates to his wife and punches her and swears a man that holds key to paradise? if thats the case...islam isnt just

my 'father" also everyday prays out loud "may allah give you a death worse than that of a dog" to my mother and to all of us he says "may allah never make you guys succesful and ruin all of you" and all three of the siblings we everyday carry these with us...something misforunate has been happening to all of us everyday...my sister had 3 miscarriages...she has cancer....and my other sister has had 2 divorces in 3-4 years and shes left with a son to raise...and my "father" fights and swears infront of his very own grandson and continuing the tramatizing cycle with him aswell....and myself i see alot of misfortune cant find a job and suffer hardships in every area in life...and yes i do pray....yes i know trials and that stuff....but what would the prophet of allah say to me if i told him about this....

p.s. im ashamed to say some other things aswelll but left them out...

my father is also "religious" he has a full beard and when he goes out he says salam and acts pious infront of everyone and he also says to us "i have a beard" and anything i say will come true...allah accepts the fathers dua...and he prays for our misfortune out loud in the fajr hour and maghrib hour...

whats the islamic rulling...i still gotta love and respect him?

He says dirty bad words to her about his private areas and her mother and things that a kuffar would never say.

we are all in out late 20's now and he still abuses my mother physically and mentally and the only reason my mother hasnt commited suicide is because its forbidden in islam.....and same goes for all of us....she has no job...and hes opressed everyone self esteem wise that nobody has nothing in life...income wise or anything so were trapped in this cycle forever...

do we still have to hold him in respect? what does islam say?

every shaikh i ask...gives me a politcally correct reply...and i just feel like smacking them when they say that...

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