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02-28-2008, 05:42 AM
Islamic Center of Morris County |
P.O. Box 228, Dover , NJ 07802
(973) 361-5001
Assallamu Alaikum,

From Imam Jawad Ahmed,
Dear Respected Sisters and Brothers in Islam!
I have been giving Jumma and Eid Khutbas, Ramadan Taraweh lectures, teaching Quran classes and counseling for the Islamic Center of Morris County (aka ICMC) for the last 4 years.
The brothers and sisters have been meeting at rented places from 1999 starting way back from an office of a gas station. Then came 9/11 and they were stopped and kicked out from many places because of backlash, at times scrambling just to put to their foreheads on the ground to praise the very ONE who Created humanity and this world.

Many a times we would have to pray outside the rented place in the parking lot, because the person wouldn't open the door on time. At times of rain and snow, the brothers and sisters wouldn't give up on The Creator and still pray diligently despite the hardships. During Ramadan, sometimes there would be dancing party going on next hall because rented by a different tenant, and we had to focus with khushoou in our Taraweeh prayers and beg The OmniPotent One to bestow us a place of freedom to glorify Him Alone and no distraction.

After searching for almost 7 years to have a place of our own, finally in 2006 we found a huge 15,500 sq.ft. warehouse to call the House of The One who Provides for all because He is the Enricher. Then run into road blocks of changing the permit of use to house of worship. At the first town planning board hearing 300 opposing neighbors showed up along with an attorney to say, 'Not in our backyard to have a terrorist camp!' News headlines in local papers caught wildfire of such opposition that Rockaway Muslims seek a Mosque in our neighborhood. Subsequent hearings opposition dwindled down gradually, thanks to a powerful door to door dawah campaign by these brothers and sisters to get to know your Muslim neighbor. Alhamdulillah after 7 whole months of hearings, on Jan.22 2008, the town approved the Masjid permit by a vote of 5-1!!!! Takbeer! Allahu Akbar! Verily You O Allah are with the Patient ones.

The building (see pictures. at http://www.IslamicNJ.org ) costs almost $2 million, of which they have already invested more than $400,000 in form of down payment and fees, etc. Now they risk LOSING this House of the Most Merciful One who will never desert His Slaves in time of need! We need to raise at least 900,000 dollars within the next one month and YOU CAN BE THE DIFFERENCE!!! Yes you!

Please donate tax deductible at https://www181.safesecureweb.com/islamiccentermc/donate.htm at least minimum $10 and ask all your email contacts for $10 each to SAVE ROCKAWAY MASJID the SUJOOD place for almost a thousand Muslims. It's a secure link to donate brothers and sisters. We just need Hundred Thousand Muslims in America (out of the 7 million live here) to give ONLY $10 each and our DREAM WILL COME TRUE!! PLEASE!!

Can you please spare $10 for The Creator & Provider's sake? and forward this email to not just 10 people but ALL YOUR CONTACTS

You may mail your tax deductible donation check also @ ICMC, P.O.Box 228 Dover, NJ, 07802
Jazakum Allahu Khairan.

Imam Sheikh Jawad Ahmed

The Islamic Center of Morris County (ICMC) is registered with the State of NJ as a 501(C) (3), Non-Profit Religious & Educational organization for Muslims.


With little support from each one on national level this can be done easily by the grace of Allah. it takes less than 2 minutes to do the donation for any amount you can afford.

For those in UK, 1 pound = $2, so their donations will be doubled just by strong currency pound has over dollar.

Jazakom Allah khair

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