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Abu Rago
04-06-2008, 02:38 PM
Tafseer Surah Luqman

Part 1: (ayahs 1-6) includes a brief introduction on some of the virtues and adhab (manners) when dealing with the Qur’an.
Part 2: (ayahs 6-11), the reason for man’s existence and the role of the environment, as well as an introduction to Iman (Faith) and issues surrounding music are presented.
Part 3: (ayahs 12-16), the speaker goes into a brief overview on the life of Luqman and the proper meaning of hikmah. In relation to utilizing proper wisdom or hikmah the speaker also delivers several advices on developing better islamically-centered family relationships.
Part 4: (ayahs 17-19), proper cultivation of the youth is focused on with specific advises in regards to improving the Muslim character.
Part 5: (ayahs 20-25), issues such as the proper utilization of resources as well as the implications behind establishing a khilaafa’ are discussed.
Part 6: (ayahs 26-34), closes off the series with an emphasis on the many miracles in nature presented by Allah. The timeless advice and words of wisdom extracted from this Surah are invaluable to any believer, young and old.

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