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View Full Version : Sikkk storys ma bro tells me

04-14-2008, 10:32 PM
am back..meanin more posts. more threads.more me.. less u...

dont deny it coz im impossible...like u

anyway no more makin u mad

now these arent those stupid bedtime storys
they r more like the storys my bro sits there talkin bout while he is makin good smelllin shrimp...

Der was dis dude in like new jersey or somthin and he is like 19 and he got into a big atv accident and omg he had this injury on his brain or somthin sik like dat but den da docter said he is brain dead and his family was all cryin and all dat and den dey were gna bury him but first they had to do the nerve test. see one of them they had to take this lil metal thing and they lyik put it like a lil but in his nail on his finger and he reacted to that!!! and then they did the other one which was on his feet where they had to do something and move it on his foot coz the feet nerves are the most sensitive ...and he reacted to that!!! OMG see they were about to bury him and all, BUT they HAD to make sure he passes these tests first. and so he passed both tests and the doctor ran outside to his parents and told them he reacted to the tests etc. and isnt thta just so freakin creepy how that would feel!! lik seriously like ur alive but ppl thinkin u dead and dey about to bury u and u cant do nutin bout ti! omg

lol and he said that the guy was then talking after all this and he said that he wanted to scream and say "IM NOT DEAD!!" but he couldnt ! imagine that! OMG

(my brother added some comedy up in dat story up there...BTW THESE ARE REAL STORYS ! not fake...they even be on da news and all)

Anyway, and then he started talkin bout how some pppl open da graves and they see them all scratched up and all coz americans are extremely dum and dey like buryin ppl alive coz dey watch too many movies and it gets to dem...lol... like seriosuloy imagine u ina grave and u still alive bit cant do nutin bout it and so u start scratching on the tomb thing and afterALL that which is extremely hard u still got 6 ft of dirt to go thru! WWWWWWOW sucks for u den

and here is how stupid the news channels here are... ok so am watchin da news and so dey talkin bout a 12 i fink yr old girl who accidently got shot by her 9 or 10 yr old brother by the gun that was brought into the house by the 14 yr old brother and after that story they go to a bus crashin in cleveland coz the stupid bus driver got out left the keys in the truck and went to the restroom in a gas station wit a bunch of kids in the bus from k- 8th grade and then they kill all of it by puttin a story about someone stealin pop...i kno how stupid! that dont even deserve to be in the paper and dey makin such a big deal, and den dey talkin bout a guy who killed a girl by crashin into a tree and makin it fall on her (shes 1) and here comes the big killer... then they go to a stupid story bout a fat aldy who wieghs 300 pounds and she went to getta pedicure but the ppl that work there said she too fat to go in and sit ....

seriously laff all u want...i did

thats how wierd the news is here.. it JUMPS from IMPORTANT to stupid... lol

ok im done right now

btw there is a point for this... look how scary death is...:raging:


did i mention my bro is hilarius. he was wit his friend driving and chillin and he was wearing a bandana on his head and on his face like those ghetto ppl do and his friend had a black bag u put bodys in and lol its full of cds and stuff and my bro took it and he put it over his shoulder and stuffed it in the trunk and when his friend saw he came and punched it and tellin it to shut up..loooooooooooool and ppl were drivin by and starin all scared and my bro looks at them wit dis ghetto look and day get scared and look away..loool like if u were actually there u hips would be hurtin and u would be rollin on floor laaaaghin soo hard..trust me! LOOOOOL
and theres this gas station my bro goes to when he buys drinks or somthin and when he goes dressed in his work clothes no one cares or nothin and when he goes wairing his detroit jacket and bandanas and hat and tall tees and jeans wit tiight shoes and looks so ghettto they all move outta his way before he even gets there..loool and they sit there starin and he like GLANCES at them not caring and they get scared and look away! LOOOOOOOOL he is hilarius i swear! u should try livin wit him!! LOLOLOLOL 24/7 comedy!

he honks the horn while this dude is crossin the street and seriously made him jump!!! LOOOOL

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04-15-2008, 06:26 PM
i forgot to mention he adds sooooooooo much comedy in these stuff, and my other brother is in yemen and he is also hilaarius.. lemme think f something funny he says...hm

he said the virginia tech gunman guy had proooblems, he had no friends and thats why he did it. and he didn't look back at god.
that was the biggest shooting at schools.

Doesnt death come fast... it needs to come to bush now.

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