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Abu Rago
04-20-2008, 05:53 PM
An Explanation of Kitab At-Tawhid

The series of ten lectures covers the following topics:
CD 1: Etiquettes of the student & teacher of knowledge.
CD 2: Shirk- Its definition & its types (major & minor).
CD 3: Kufr- Its definition & its types; Nifaq (hypocrisy).
CD 4: Study of al-Jahiliyah, al-Fisq & ad-Dalaal; Apostasy.
CD 5: Knowledge of the unseen; Magic & fortune-telling; Sacrifices; Rulings of statues & symbols of remembrance
CD 6: Ruling on nationalism and 'isms'; Use of ruqyah & amulets.
CD 7: Loving the Prophet;Importance of sending salah & salam upon him.
CD 8: Virtues of the household and the companions of the Prophet.
CD 9: Bid'ah (innovation) - Its meaning, types and ruling.
CD 10: Stance of Ahlus-Sunnah towards innovators; Current innovations.


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