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04-21-2008, 01:01 PM
Casteist professors of JNU with socialist mask

We are working among the SC/ST/OBC/religious minorities students all over the country and active for the past six years. Students belonging to these communities are being victimized (owing to their caste) by the Manuwadi teachers. But when we asked them to lodge a formal complaint they said that “if we do that, our whole career will be finished by these professors who treat us worse than animals”.

Such is the terror of these manuwadi professors. Our students prefer to swallow these insults and suffer silently. It took us many months to convince these students (about 20 in various depts.) that unless they gather some courage and come out in open not just they themselves but others who have suffered in the past and those who will join JNU in future will continue to suffer. We assured to take up this manuvadi system, lorded over by “mean-minded but high-sounding” professors of JNU, fundamentally changed. Slowly some students gathered courage. We have now started this campaign against these JNU professors/administration which ruined the careers of hundreds perhaps thousands of our students who have gone back without any degrees with broken morale and a bleak future staring in their eyes.

In the past four decades since its inception, the JNU noted for “promoting democratic principles, secular thinking and progressive ethos” has been at the forefront of doing exactly the opposite. On paper, there are many things (e.g. equal opportunity office etc.).

Despite the constitutional mandate, the JNU has repeatedly failed to fulfill the reservation quota for SC/ST/OBC in faculty position (on the basis of same old bogus premise that suitable candidates are not available). They know that if SC/ST/OBC scholars come and join JNU in faculty positions, their monopoly over the system would come to an end. That is why all efforts are made to see to it that no SC/ST/OBC students are able to honorably complete their studies (especially MPhils and PhDs) so that they are not able to lay claim on faculty positions in JNU or other prestigious institutions in the country.

These manuvadi professors are chairing important govt. positions, giving lectures in international seminars on social justice, emancipation of the poor and deprived and all that blah-blah, they are the ones who are seen in TV channels giving interviews on poverty eradication and problems of Dalits and or sermonizing to the world for establishing an egalitarian society. They are the ones who do research on caste problem, write heavy books and suggest solutions. But if one cares to look behind these carefully woven masks there hides an anti-Dalit, anti-OBC, anti-Muslim face. The BSF has taken up this challenge to expose their real faces before the world. (bahujanstudents2006@gmail.com)

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syed saboor
05-01-2008, 12:28 PM
See, that is what I mean. In India, Dalits, Muslims, Kashmiris, Sikhs, we are all victimized and abused. America bombed Serbia over Kosovo, but does nothing to India for what they do to Muslim, who are real Muslims, unlike Bosnians and Albanians. The Kurds are being killed en masse by the Turkish government and not one word about that. Again, the Kurds are real Muslims, unlike the Bosnians and the Albanians.
The people of Rwanda were massacred and not one word about that. Do you all see a common thread. Why did the United States bomb Serbia and do nothing for the Muslims of Kashmir. Answer me that question. It all reaks of hypocricy on the part of the United States, the biggest terrorist nation in the world.

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