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05-08-2008, 09:04 AM
Asssalam Alykum Warhmat Allah,

I knew Brother Riad Hamad before 1 Year , and My first meeting with Riad Hamad was by Brother Woodrow .

My meeting with Riad was belong Palestinian Family in Gaza were in need of help and sponsorship .

when I told him about this family Case, he felt with sadness and was quick in helping and support this Needy Family .

He did all his effort to help that Palestinian Family and cared much about them and about others families in Gaza.

I saw that in his emails and in his writing .

I emailed him after that many times and he listened and listend much to me , he worked in Holidays and in weekends for palestine and families and Children of Palestine.

Riad Hamad, you are in our hearts and in our Duaa , we will not forget you Riad. all the palestinian families and Children will not forget you .

This poem for the soul of brother Riad Hamad
To Riad el Solh Hamad
.............and for ever

from my home town
from my blood , and sharing my view
we must have shared the same beaches and buses and views
we must have share the same wounds and hopes and views
the same wars and the same losses and the same views

We viewed the future in the light of the past
and we praised the past in this darkness of the present.

Riad , we never met ........but we were so near
Riad , we are a dead-hero as much as you were a living-human

Riad...... they call it a suicide, when you actually did not die.
Riad.... it is a murder !!....... even when you did not die

Riad , how could you drawn when the water is so shallow
there is not enough water to drawn you ,
nor enough water to drawn the Truth.

Riad , you promised to visit Amsterdam , but you never did
you were too busy making life a bit easier to the oppressed others.

Therefore ,
the Lord has reserved a piece of peace in Heaven , for you
and if Heaven did not exist ........
then God , almighty , shall make one now especially for you .

Few of us have given , as mush as you did.
Only the Forces of Evil would have done this to you
because only the Evil could hate you .

Akhouka Billah
Akhouka bil Ourouba
Akhouka bil Watan
Akhouka bil Hilm

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05-08-2008, 09:15 AM

Inna lillaahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon....

Wow...mashaaAllaah that was really good...

I'm really sorry for your loss....

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