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Pure Imaan
05-08-2008, 04:23 PM
Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters

I hope you are all well inshallah....erm at work a sister came in and mashallah she was wearing the jalbab and niqab, mashallah, and my collegue who is a non-muslim asked me why do you wear the niqab?, and he does not agree with it, I explained to him and also advised him to go to an accurate islamic source, ask a brother or read a book about it, to increase his knowledge about Islam also to help him comprehend the logic and beauty behind niqab but he said that he learnt about it in the media, I said to not do that and I said, I will find out for you and help you to understand, broz/sisz help him me to help him, I want to know fully 100% as to why the niqab is there not to oppress women but to liberate them....jazakhallah for your help, may Allah (swt) you for your good intentions, ameen

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05-08-2008, 05:51 PM
The Niqab - Part 1

The Niqab - Part 2

08-30-2008, 06:41 PM

08-30-2008, 06:51 PM
I don't personally wear a Niqab and don't agree with it, but I have utmost respect for any sister who desires to uphold her purity by wearing it.. I don't think you are under any obligation to explain to anyone why you are wearing it if you willingly, consciously and freely chose this path to be closer to Allah swt..
I am not sure why folks find it ok to see naked women on the beach so long as it is her choice, but not ok to see a woman covered up to please her lord..

It is a personal choice and preference, and that is where it needs to be left be..

Allah knows best


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