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05-13-2008, 11:44 AM
There are about 8 hours in between fajr adhaan and dhuhr adhaan. Eight hours. That's like a full day at school for high schoolers or a full day of the average work day. How much happens in 8 hours? How much happens in even one hour?

How many times has your life been turned around in just one hour?

Nothing happens in this world without His Knowledge. All that happens in this world is done by the will of Allah.

Allah can say, "Be," and it is.

Allah sends the Angel of Death to get a soul and he does not hesitate in ripping it out of the human's body.

Allah could send him to you next.

Fajr, dhuhr, 'asr, maghrib, 'isha... which will be your last prayer? Will that last prayer have been accepted? Did you pray it late? Did you wake up for fajr that day? Did you pray 'isha before you went to sleep? Did you delay 'asr?

I think sisters can naturally relate to this a little better. Every month they pray one last prayer and then often unsuspectingly they find out they can't pray again for another week. Suddenly you know that dhuhr was the last time you get to worship Allah for a week... but what about the rest of your life?

What if we don't live to pray maghrib tonight? What if we never wake up to pray fajr again?
Remember death, fear Allah.

Which will be your last prayer? You have no clue.

What will be the first question you will be asked on the Day of Judgment?

"How was your salah?"

May Allah accept all of our prayers, ameen.

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