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05-20-2008, 08:23 PM

juss me while bein bored again.
ok, so this poem/freestyle thing is like for religions, christians, athiests, hindus and muslims like me.

(to christians)
son of mary was a prophet
give it all up, and juss drop it
cuz when u body starts burnin
there is no way to stop it

so give it up, give it up
there's no chance to get luck
when its time, oh ur stuck
so give it up , give it up

(to muslims)
you aint goin nowhere wit that faith
not caring, juss stallin at that slow pace
but in the grave alone, no one gona recognize yo face
coz here in tha dunya u thought u got unlimited dayz
so u chillin and...eating yo lays
i fink yu lost yu faith...
find ur faith...find ur faith...find ur faith

so bring it up, bring it up
live it up, live it up
pick it up, pick it up
bring it up, bring it up

(to athiests/agnostics)
now, how can god not exists?
theres 100% proof waiting on yo list
when will u ever say u bear witness
that thers 1 god and nothin to diss

no think it up, think it up
realize, u aint good
but i kno, that u could
so think it up, think it up

(to hindu's)
so why goin kissin the sticks
even after one or mo falls and breaks
yu believe they u gods so u give it all it takes
well all those idols are all fakes

so give it up, give it up
learn islam, and go up
stop stallin and get up
give it up, give it up

i kno some/most of it didnt make sense ...so sorry if u confused.
and sorry this is coming by me, i need to take my own advice before i do this, its hard, so plz dont say nothin bout that.


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medlink student
05-20-2008, 09:40 PM
mashallah (Y) :D

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