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View Full Version : Tawfeeh Ibn Saaed As Saigh

05-29-2008, 09:37 AM
As Salam Alaykum,

I really like this brother's recitation, I find it clear to understand the letters is alot of the recitations.

sheikh tawfeeq al saigh .:::: towfeeqh as saigh interview!!

sheikh tawfeeq al saigh/towfeeqh as saigh interview

(watch at about 4 mins into it, amazing recitation, love the kids)

You get to see the Brother and His Kids too. His voice is so nice. I have been told that he does alot of work, a Br. who is a family friend of ours who also lives in Jeddah has spoken good of this brother who was originally from our country yet was given Saudi nationality, which is rare, aparently due to his contribution, and Allah knows best the truth in that.

For those of you, we don't need to know who!, who are giving up music try downloading this poem, its got a natural beat to it, without music! Also recited by this brother:

Mandhoomah `Ishrat ul-Ikhwaan (Composition on Brotherhood)

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