View Full Version : I would like to share this (true)story, so please read:)

06-09-2008, 02:44 AM

This story a story which took places about 20 years ago, and my uncle has told me about it. (its a true story which he and my other uncles nd aunties have witnessed)

It goes like this. My family were sleeping in sudan untill at night they heard unsuall sounds. Waking up in shock, they looked around to see where these strange noises where coming from. They discovered that it was raining stones!(wallahi this took me time to believe, but they said wallahi it occured) So yes it rained stones!(this was in sudan) Big stones falling down from the sky, the strange thing is that these stones would not hit anything, they seemed to miss cars and humans they just hit the groud.

In shock my uncles went outside to see whos throwing stones, they were not able to find the source! So they called the police, they patrolled the area to find what was the cause, after some hours of searching they gave up. They could not find the cause of it! So a friend of my family at that time who was a sheikh high in knowledge was brought to the scene. He said that this is caused by (muslim)jihns or angles angry at something, perhaps a quran is in bad condition.

So they searched the whole house nd area, looking for a quran which is bad condition or anything of that kind. So they have found a dirty shell from the sea on top of a quran (laid by accident), by removing that shell the stones stoped at an instant!

SubhanAllah this story is one of the greatest i know, nd its 100% reliable! inshAllah share ur comments guys/girls :)


Am sorry if der r any spelling/grammer mistakes its getting very late, i typed this while laying down in bed

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06-09-2008, 06:10 AM
20 years ago?

Mashallah, yeah i've heard some stories...SORTA like this, but none were actually like this one, Subhanallah! Did u get to see it?

So none hit PEOPLE? wow, reminds me of the story of the elephant, where the birds threw rocks and they missed all the muslims, but hit the kuffars who were trying to destroy the Ka'ba.

Subhanallah, What Allah can do when he wants! When he wants to warn us about something, Subhanallah!
Jazakallah khair brother for sharing this, very interesting !

.....now just wait for .."dem" to come nd claim this is a lie. :D

06-09-2008, 08:27 AM
I've read stories like this happened in Malaysia too...but they couldnt find those stones thrown on their walls and doors... and it stopped when they opened the doors or windows and had a peek...

06-09-2008, 12:02 PM
aah interesting seems common, lool i am nt 20 years old lol!

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