View Full Version : special site to teach people about the prophet (pbuh) indirectly

07-21-2008, 11:02 PM
Alsalam alikom

We made a website to teach people about the prophet Muhammad in an indirect way which is "Morals test"

as I think, many people who have bad ideas about the prophet (pbuh) will not try to search for the truth .
personality test are widespread nowadays so we made a "morals test" that shows some of the prophet great morality actions and after the test finishes it tells that this man is the prophet of Islam (pbuh)

I want your help with any opinions you have and with sharing it with non-muslims


it's also available as facebook app

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07-21-2008, 11:19 PM
Thought it looked really good and had some really examples that could relate the prophet to current times.

my only criticism which i hope you can take as constructive feedback is the following....

try having a uniform font size for all the questions. perhaps spread it up. i personally don't like reading a huge big paragraph.

my suggestions would be:
1) to make the window with questions bigger.
2) keep all font sizes the same throughout.
3) space out the big paragraphs or shorten the example using fewer words.

I really think what you have is amazing and that you continue to do more such projects in the future.

May allah strengthen you in doing more good. AMEEN.

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