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07-30-2008, 05:00 AM

My name is Moneer, I am an Italian Muslim living in South Florida. I am new here and am very excited about interacting with my fellow brothers and sisters. I reverted to Islam a few years ago, I have a wife and a 3 year old son. I just recently started a website called buildmyislam.com and am active in the community speaking to young Muslims about how to avoid the common pressures and problems that can face them these days. I will do my best to contribute here in anyway I can. Also if anyone here takes a look at my site and would like to assist in building it and inshaallah make it better in any way, please let me know, as I don't know everything and can always use the help of my brothers and sisters along with guidance from Allah. Bye


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07-30-2008, 05:11 AM
Wa Alykum Asalam wa baraktu
Allahu Akbar,
Welcome to the site brother and most of all welcome to the beautiful life of islam. May Allah SWT reward you with the highest level of paradise inshAllah.
Maybe you can share a story of your journey to islam??Or maybe why you accepted islam as your way of life. I always love hearing the story of reverts and just shows the almighty attributes of ALLAH SWT.

Wa Salam

07-30-2008, 06:05 AM

First let me say thank you for the warm welcome, believe it or not these forums are what inspired me to start my website. Well as far as my journey to Islam is concerned it actually is started year as before I actually reverted.

I grew up Christian as most Italians do though my family wasn't that religious. We would go to church once and a while and act holy...lol you know the easy way, pray on Sunday and sin on Monday...lol. Anyway I always had a feeling that something was missing from my life and from my faith. I would spend my nights pondering all the huge questions one can ask themselves and even though I didn't know Islam then, I knew there had to be something out there better for me.

So in an effort to find myself, I decided I would read the Bible, but it just never sat well with me. I mean not only were there multiple versions but one page would contradict a page I read a few minutes ago, which didn't make me feel comfortable. I mean I am not the smartest guy in the world but I know when somethings smells and when I see contradictions in a book that supposed to be the word of god...well that bothered me! So I decided well maybe I am just not informed enough in the Christian faith and that is why I am not understanding the bible. So I would read through it and write down the points that I questioned Like

Who would Jesus Pray to?
Why does he never call himself the son of god?
Why is the word Bible not in the Bible?
Why are there no definitive verses that give proof to Jesus being divine?
Why is the word trinity not in the Bible?
Why does the Bible say that salvation comes from God but my preacher says it's through Jesus?

The list went on and I decided I would start asking those questions at church. Well as you can imagine my questions did not go over well in church or with the Minister...lol. I was told that this meant that and that meant this, and all the while everyone was acting like I shouldn't ask these questions and I was some rebellious teenager and I still never got any real answers. That hurt me because anyone with half a brain would ask the same questions, if they would just look at the bible from another perspective besides the Jesus perspective.

So I started to strip out the things that didn't make sense to me and figured that I didn't really feel good about the whole Jesus being god thing and I thought god was only one so I threw the trinity thing out of my mind. Then I looked at the Bible and started analyzing the major holes in it. Once I did this I knew this was wrong and I had to find out what was right. I felt like it was my duty as a human being with a brain to seek out the truth. Like God was staring at me and saying "Get off your but and look man!"

So I did and I researched alot of religions and by chance I made friends with a man who was Muslim and we were having lunch one day and we started talking about religion and I told him how I was feeling empty as my search for truth was turning up empty at best. See my faith was based on simple things. I believed there was only one God and that I should believe in him. So I asked My friend what he believed and he said "I believe that there is only one God and Mohammed (PBUH) is his messenger. I thought "Hey thats what I think" at least the God being one part, at the time I wasn't sure about the messenger thing. So I asked more questions and he informed me alot over the next few weeks and I started reading the Quran.

And you know what, after reading the Quran for just a bit I was able to explain the Bible better than I could before and finally something had answers for me!!! Finally something that tells me about my god and what he expects of me. My whole life I felt like an employee without a job description and now I had an in detail way of how to do my job! But I did not revert right away. It was when I was reading the Quran one day and read a part about how a baby forms in the mothers stomach and thought " Wow there is no way that anyone could know this at that time!" The I started reading and noticing science fact that I couldn't ignore. Then I remembered on of the first things I had ever read in The Quran
"This is the book to which there is no doubt"
And I knew then that, that statement was the purest thing I had ever read and I said my shahada then and here I am. Thank Allah.

Well thats my story I hope I didn't babble to long.

07-30-2008, 08:45 AM
welcome to the forum bro
and welcome to islam.

i will check ur website inshallah

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07-30-2008, 12:54 PM
Thanks. I work at very night. I run a small business so nightime is when I have to work on it. If you Like let me know.

07-30-2008, 08:58 PM
welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy your stay.

07-31-2008, 02:52 AM
welcome to the forum brother

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