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08-15-2008, 04:01 PM
“Allâh is my Lord and I do not associate anything with Him.”

5. Laziness is kin to failure

I urge you to keep busy, not to give in to laziness and idleness. Rather, you should take care of your house and home library, and do your duties and your work, or pray, or read Qur’an or useful books, or listen to useful tapes, or sit with your neighbours and friends and talk to them about things that will bring them closer to Allâh. Then you will find happiness and joy, by Allâh’s Leave. And beware of giving in to idleness, for this will lead to worries, anxiety, devilish whispers and doubts that nothing can relieve except hard work.

You should take care of your appearance, wear perfume at home, keep your house tidy, and meet your husband, children, siblings, relatives and friends looking cheerful with a ready smile and an attitude of contentment.

Beware of sin for it leads to grief, especially the sins that are very common among women, such as forbidden glances, wanton adornment, being alone with a non-mahram man, cursing, slandering, backbiting, denying one’s husbands rights and not acknowledging his acts of kindness. These sins are very common among women, except for those on whom Allâh has mercy, so beware of incurring the wrath of Allâh and fear Him, for fear of Allâh is what brings happiness and a clear conscience.

“When distresses strikes and calamities come one after another, then say: Lâ ilaha illallâh


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