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08-15-2008, 04:05 PM

“….Patience is most fitting…”

[Qur’an 12:18]

6. You are better off than millions of women

Think of this world as a whole, of the hospitals filled with patients who have been stricken with disease and calamity for many years; and the prisons in which thousands of people are held behind bars, their lives and pleasures ruined; and the asylums and hospitals which accommodate people who have lost their minds and have become insane. Are there not poor people living in tattered tents and hovels, who cannot find a bite to eat? Are there not women who have been stricken with calamities that took away all their children in a single incident? Or women who have lost their sight or hearing, or whose arms and legs have been amputated, or who have lost their minds, or who have been stricken with chronic diseases such as cancer and the like? But you are sound in body and in good health, living a life of tranquillity, security and contentment. So give thanks to Allâh, the Exalted, All-Merciful, for His blessings and do not waste your time with things that are not pleasing to Him, sitting for hours in front of satellite TV with its cheap, nasty and foolish content that makes the heart sick and causes depression, and makes the body lethargic. Rather, choose that which is useful and beneficial, such as lectures and conferences, or programmes about medicine or news that concerns Muslims, men and women, and so on. Avoid this garbage that is shown and this promiscuity that they are trying to spread, for it destroys modesty and religious commitment.


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