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09-05-2008, 03:46 PM
As salaam alaykam kiddos!

Elo ello this might be a bit long cos like i got a bit xcited and went wit da flow:p but mashallah its worth readin and forward to all inshallah spread the message, as RasoolAllah (Saw) if you hear one word from me spread it, so spreadin hadiths and all that you get reward, like if you read any random hadiths just send it to your friends and stuff and you will be gettin reward for jus sendin thins or forwardin thins, but not like them stupid thins, were it says “if you forward this Allah (Swt) will forgive you and if you don’t you will go hell” yes because the person who wrote the mail really knows who goin heaven and hell lol, so don’t listen to crap like that, when you don’t believe somethin, ask for evidence!! Anyway cut the intro short...

Having good manners is vital in islam, and especially bein Ramadan and that, we should always look to improve ourselves... so Sheikh ibn al qayyim (rahimullah) said “the religion is manners”,subhanallah this is a butifull quote... it shows how highly manners rated in islaam, we should always have good manners, like and their are loads of good example to follow in islaam, for example the Prophet (Saw) who is the bestest of all examples, we don’t need a example after him... Allah (Swt) praises RasoolAllah (Saw) in the surah al qalam v4 by sayin

“verily you are of a exalted character” the actual word used is khulooq, so another translation would be “you have exalted manners” but overall the Prophet (Saw) was tip top in manners so exalted character suits him, mashallah!

Movin on ooo yeaah!

Allah (swt) says in surah al mumineen v96

"Repel evil with that which is best: We are Well-acquainted with the things they say."

So if someone has wronged with you, like they backbited you, or said bad about you, instead of backbitin them, swearin at them, and stuff, forgive them and if you find it hard to forgive them, then let them be, don’t waste time on them, cos remem Allah (Swt) knows what they did and he will get revenge for you on them, leave it to Allah (Swt)!!

In surah al qasas v 54 it saysss

"Twice will they be given their reward, for that they have persevered, that they avert evil with good, and that they spend (in charity) out of what We have given them."

So if their is somethin bad, repel it, like just for Allah (Swt) sake, for example if you are doin a sin, do something good straight after the sin, like when smokers try to quit, they start usin the patch, so if your doin something evil then give it up, take another alternative, for example, a big evil which all of us have been trapped in is music, like it sounds kool, when your bored and them long journeys you listen to music, but we need to remember that music is haraam period! Like replace music with a non musical nasheed, or even better with the Quraan, so like make little efforts, i know music is haraam and many of us fall into it like off and on with it, but we need to realise its haraam and we gotta give up stuff for the sake of Allah (Swt) like we cant jus sit here and expect to be guided, little changes for the sake of Allah (swt) will help us and guide us,

like Allah (Swt) says when you go walkin to him he comes closer to you by running towards you, when you remember him, he remembers you, when you mention him, he mentions you to the angels and tells the angels to bless you more and love you! So make the effort for Allah (Swt) and he will help you, like if your not wearin scarf, wear it! Allah (Swt) will help you once you wear it, if your not growin a beard, try to and Allah (Swt) will make you look nice in a beard and hijab, innay, just have full belief in him, and he will help you!! Lol ok back on topicssss good mannerisms :D

Allah (swt) also says in surah ash shura v40

"The recompense for an injury is an injury equal thereto (in degree): but if a person forgives and makes reconciliation, his reward is due from Allah: for (Allah) Loveth not those who do wrong."

So in islaam, we are allowed to get revenge, as it clearly says, but but and a big BUT... Allah (Swt) loves us if we forgive, like people nowadays when they do wrong, they are so arrogant and they don’t go up to people and say sorry, you dont gota wait for them to say sorry, just talk to them, as all is well, but if they still mess you around, then tell them, and if worse to worse, you don’t need friends like that! Because RasoolAllah (Saw) told us to have good friends and sit with good company, like what benefit is it gona do if you have friends who are gossipers and backbiters lol, that aint gona do you no good! so forgive people sincerely from your heart, and let Allah (swt) heal your pain and get revenge on those people! The best way i see it, the people that upset you or hurt you, are so insecure and unhappy with themselves so they try to put others down, and its true lol and it jus shows how sad they are! So like i said forgive them and if you can be kool with them, and remember Allah (swT) will deal with them!

So like have good manners, like in islaam, we are told to forgive, repel evil with good, and what do all these stuf lead too.... a happier person! Like in the times of the Prophet (saw) no one had heard of the word depression! The only thin that upsetted them, was their fear of Allah (Swt) subhanallah! So we need to set our priorities straight, if we want to be happy, we have to be following islaam 100% and we will genuinely be happy!

Also in surah al imraan v 159 Allah (Swt) says ....

"It is part of the Mercy of Allah that thou dost deal gently with them. Wert thou severe or harsh-hearted, they would have broken away from about thee: so pass over (their faults), and ask for (Allah's) forgiveness for them; and consult them in affairs (of moment). Then, when thou hast taken a decision, put thy trust in Allah. For Allah loves those who put their trust (in Him).

So when dealin with people, be so gentle, like if their is a argument about difference of opinion in islaam, don’t be rude, don’t lose your kool, be calm and put your point across, like RasoolAllah (Saw) he was so sweet and gentle when he spoke with people and look how the sahaba followed him and he guided them, if he was all rude and that, Allah (Swt) tells him, that they wouldn’t have listened! So be gentle and easy with the people

And their are so much more ayahs, tellin us not to curse, slander, backbite, and to forgive people, and leave the people to be dealt with Allah (swt)!

Some hadiths....

Abu Dharr and Mu`adh bin Jabal (May Allah be pleased with them) reported that: Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, "Fear Allah wherever you are, do good deeds after doing bad ones, the former will wipe out the latter, and behave decently towards people"[At-Tirmidhi]

Ibn Abbas (May Allah be pleased with them) said: One day, I was riding behind the Prophet (PBUH) when he said, "O boy! I will instruct you in some matters. Be watchful of Allah (Commandments of Allah), He will preserve you. Safeguard His Rights, He will be ever with you. If you beg, beg of Him Alone; and if you need assistance, supplicate to Allah Alone for help. And remember that if all the people gather to benefit you, they will not be able to benefit you except that which Allah had foreordained (for you); and if all of them gather to do harm to you, they will not be able to afflict you with anything other than that which Allah had pre-destined against you. The pens had been lifted and the ink had dried up".[At-Tirmidhi]

This hadiths overall shows the Prophet (Saw) teachin Hadhrat Abdullah ibn Abbas (Ra) manners and stuff to have in the religion, like only ask from Allah (swt) and stuff anyway, lemme break up this hadiths in points

1 - No has the power to change the will of Allah (swt)
2 - Trouble faced in this world is not forever, every trouble is followed by some goodness its like if you was to go jail, you would eventualy be released or or if you was hungry you will eventually be munchin, after every trouble there is happyness :D
3 - We should never ask for help from anyone except Allah (swt), because thats shirk, now people give these types of practices names like tasawwuf or intercession, but in reality its shirk, by makin somethin sound nice it doesnt make it nice

also this hadiths don’t need no commentary its simple and to the point ooo yeaah!

Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Amr: "The Prophet never used bad language neither a 'Fahish nor a Mutafahish. He used to say 'The best amongst you are those who have the best manners and character. [Bukhari]

There are so so so much hadiths about how sweet the Prophet (Saw) was and how good his manners were, like read adab al mufrad by imam bukhari check it, you can find it on the net, just read it, its full of manners of the Prophet (Saw), but hear is a quick list full of the butifull manners of the Prophet (Saw)...

· whenever he met people he would smile

· he never complained about anythin, the people who served him, said he never moaned or complained if we did somethin late or forgot, or made mistakes

· Ummul Mumineen Hadhrat Aisha (rA) narrated that RasoolAllah (Saw) helped in the house work and would clean up

· he never swore, backbited, or cursed anyone, when someone asked him to curse the Mushriks and their idols he said “i have been sent to help people not curse them”, when he went to the people of at taif and they threw stones at him and made him bleed, he was bleedin so much his feet were soaked in blood, the angel Jibreel (as) was sent by Allah (Swt) to ask him, what punishment shall we give to the people for doin this, and he said “no punishment” because he doesn’t wan to hurt his ummah!

Also lemme tell you some stories ... all these stories are from various books of the seerah of RasoolAllah (Saw) and his sahabas (Ra) .....

the Prophet (saw) ...

when the message of islaam was still early, the Prophet (Saw) went through bare trials, and he passed them all with flyin colours!!! Like ....

in makkah there was a woman, who was hostile to islam and wud wait for the Prophet (Saw) to pass in her street, and when he passed she would throw rubbish on him, she would collect rubbish specially so she could throw it on him, and she would always do this, like day in and day out, so after a few days, the Prophet (Saw) noticed that the woman didn’t throw any rubbish anymore, so like he began to ask people, what happen to the woman, and they told him that she was ill, so mashallah he went to visit her and ask how is she, and when she saw how sweet he was, she accepted and converted to islaam!

See the patience and sweetness of RasoolAllah (saw) like if someone through summin @ us nowadays, we wud go and knock out the person lol, but the Prophet (Saw) never did that, he let the lady do what pleased her, and when she was ill, he even visited her! And as Allah (Swt) says with every trial is relief, the relief was the woman accepted islaam and the Prophet (Saw) had another follower!

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09-05-2008, 03:53 PM
Another story....

This one is narrated in musnad ahmad...

The Prophet (Saw) cos he was so sweet, he would always be willin to help anyone, be they muslim or not, so like one day he saw a woman and she had bare stuff that she was carryin, so he asked her, “can i help you” and the woman saw this kindness of his, and like accepted, and when he was helpin her carry the stuff to her house, the woman who didn’t know who this man helpin her was, began startin a convo with him, and she was like “your so sweet, you helped me, because you helped me i will help you and give you advice, my advice is that stay away from Muhammad, cos he has start preachin a religion and divided up the community” the woman didn’t know who she was talkin to, and she carried on sayin bad stuff about RasoolAllah (saw), and RasoolAllah (Saw) didn’t throw her stuff on the floor and start beef with her, he carried on helpin her and smilied at whatever she said, the woman who had so much hate toward islaam, carried on sayin bad stuff about the Prophet (Saw) to his face, and when her house came, the Prophet (Saw) put her stuff in her house and before he left she said “thank you, nowadays we don’t find people like you, what is your name” and he said “i am Muhammad” and the woman shocked, begun cryin and accepted islam, because she didn’t know how the Prophet (Saw) was, she was jus repeatin wat she heard from the fools of makkah, and when she truely saw how he was she accepted islaam!

Subhanallah all these stories show us that manners are so important and further they have lessons for us, like when people see us, they can tell we are muslims, like we have the identity, beard, face, hijab, jilbab and people can easily tell we are muslim, so we should do good deeds, like give up seats on the tube, help people, smile, open doors, whatever good just doo it, and that way islaam will have a good name and reputation, like we represent islaam, if we do good, we can show the true side of islaam! Get meee!

Another storyyyy.....

When the harvest would come, the sahaba (Ra) would bring all their fruits to the Prophet (Saw) so he could taste them and distribute them amongst the people, and their was this man who was so like eager that the Prophet (saw) would taste his fruit, that he rushed his harvest and his fruit wasn’t riped properly, and he came to the Prophet (Saw) and bought this fruit, and said “RasoolAllah (Saw) i grew this fruit especially for you, and now i want you to taste it” and the Prophet (Saw) ate the fruit, and his habit was that, after takin a bite, he would pass the fruit around so everyone else could have a bite, but this time he ate all the fruit the man gave him, by himself, and he smiled at the man, and the man who bought the fruit went away so happy that Prophet (saw) liked his fruit, and the people begun to say to the Prophet (Saw) was that fruit so tasty that you ate it by yourself, because you usually share with us, and the Prophet (saw) replied “his fruit wasn’t ripe, if i had passed it around i feared that someone would say to the person his fruit wasn’t nice, and you would have hurt his feelins, so i ate the fruit and made him happy”

Subhanallah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See the Prophet (Saw) he dint upset the person, he kept him happy, cause he felt that if he gave the fruit around someone will say somethin and hurt the person, subhanallah! And nowadays you see people who purposedly say stuff to other people to hurt them, they are the ones who should repent! Because when you hurt someone, its between that person and you, not Allah (Swt) you gotta ask forgiveness from the person you hurt 1st, then Allah (Swt) will forgive you, thats why in islaam, the sins with the highest punishments are the ones which involve other peoples rights, for example murder/rape/adultery/neglectin parents all these are big sins, and they involve peoples rights, like families rights and the persons rights, so thats why the punishment for these is big!!!!! So don’t hurt people purposedly! Have some manners :p lol

09-05-2008, 03:54 PM
Sooo stories of our butifull Khilafahs!

As we all know the status of Abu Bakr (Ra) he was the 1st in every good deed, the Prophet (Saw) loved him and said off him “ that he could reward all the sahaba, for the help they gave him, but he could never repay or reward Abu Bakr (Ra) only Allah (SwT) can repay Abu Bakr for his service to me”

So... When Abu Bakr (ra) was khilifah, everyday he would always go to the outskirts of madinah and then come back, and one day Hadhrat Ali (Ra) and Hadhrat Umar (Ra) noticed this, so they decided to follow him and see what he did, so after Abu Bakr (Ra) led the fajr prayer, they saw him go out to the outskirts of madinah, and they followed him, and they saw him wait outside this house for a while, and he came out of the house after a few minutes and went back into madinah, and they followed him for a few days and he would always do this, so they decided to go to the house and ask what he does there, when they went to the house, they saw a old lady and they asked “what does the man who comes here every morning do, and why does he wait outside your house” she said “ever since my husband died, this man i don’t know who he is, he knocks on my door and tells me to do hijaab and asks for my permission to come in, and when i give him permission, he cooks me food and cleans my house, everyday”

Subhanallah! The lady didn’t know who Abu Bakr (Ra) was, she jus referred to him as the man, look at his manners, he asked her to do hijaab and asked for permission, and he cooked and cleaned for her, Abu Bakr (Ra) was the khilifah, like tell me any leader nowadays that would do that, he could have sent someone to do it, but no he did it himself, he rushed towards good, thats why the sahaba always admitted they could never compete in good with Abu Bakr (Ra) subhanAllah, so good manners includes helpin people and stuff!!

More more .....

When our Hadhrat Umar (ra) went to Jerusalem, to sign the handover of Jerusalem, because it was a long journey, he had his worker with him, and they took turns in ridin the camel, subhanAllah, like nowadays the leaders expect their workers and helpers to pamper them, but not the sahaba, they were so just and fair, and they kept on takin turns on ridin, one person would ride the camel and the other would hold its string and guide the camel, when they reached Jerusalem, it was the workers turn to ride, so he said to Hadhrat Umar (ra) that you take my turn because it looks wrong that the khilifah is not pullin the camel along and not ridin it, but Umar (Ra) refused and said its your turn you have to take it, and he entered Jerusalem guidin the camel, while his worker rode it! Subhanallah, u cant find no examples like these anywer, only the sahaba could do such butifull stuff!! And it shows be fair, manners include bein fair and just!
Another story of Hadhrat Umar (Ra)

Once Hadhrat Umar (Radhiyallaho Anhu), during his caliphate, was going on his usual rounds towards Harrah (a suburb of Madinah) with his slave Aslam, when he saw a distant fire in the desert. He said, "There seems to be a camp. Perhaps, it is a caravan that could not enter the town due to night fall. Let's go and look after them and arrange for their protection during the night."

When he reached there, he found a woman and some children. The children were crying. The woman had a pan of water over the fire. Hadhrat Umar (Radhiyallaho Anhu) greeted her with salaam and, with her permission, went near her. (The woman didn't recognize that it was Umar).

Umar, "Why are these children crying?"

The Woman, "Because they are hungry."

Umar, "What is in the pan?"

The Woman, "Only water to soothe the children, so that they may go to sleep in the belief that food is being prepared for them. Ah! Allah will judge between Umar (Radhiyallaho Anhu) and me, on the Day of Judgment, for neglecting me in my distress."

Umar (weeping), "May Allah have mercy on you! How can Umar know of your distress?"

The Woman, "When he is our Amir, he must keep himself informed about us."

Hadhrat Umar (Radhiyallaho Anhu) returned to the town and straight away went to the Baitul Mal (House of Charity) to fill a sack with flour, dates, fat, and clothes, and also drew some money. When the sack was ready, he said to Aslam, "Now put this sack on my back, Aslam."

Aslam, "No please, Amir-ul-Momineen! I shall carry this sack."

Umar refused to listen to Aslam, even on his persistent requests to allow him to carry the sack, and remarked, "What! Will you carry my load on the Day of Judgment? I must carry this bag, for it is I who would be questioned (in the Hereafter) about this woman."

Aslam most reluctantly placed the bag on Umar's (Radhiyallaho Anhu) back, who carried it with a swift pace right to the woman's tent. Aslam followed at his heels. He put a little flour and some dates and fat in the pan and began to stir. He blew (with his mouth) into the fire to kindle it.

Aslam says, "I saw the smoke passing through his thick beard."

After some time, the pottage was ready. He himself served it to the family. When they had eaten to their fill, he made over to them the little that was left for their next meal. The children were very happy after their meal and began to play about merrily.

The woman felt very grateful and remarked, "May Allah reward you for your kindness! In fact you deserve to take the place of Khalifah instead of Umar."

Umar consoled her and said, "When you come to see the Khalifah, you will find me there."

He sat for a while at a place close by and kept on watching the children. He then returned to Madinah. On his way back, he said to Aslam, "Do you know why I sat there, Aslam? I had seen them weeping in distress. I liked to see them laughing and happy for some time."

Subhanallah, he could have said to her watch it lady im the khilifah but he didn’t he carried on bein nice, his main concern was to help this lady and help the ummah! May Allah (Swt) guide us and make us all like the sahaba.. ameeeeeeeeeen, also it shows you don’t do good deeds to show off, like Hadhrat Umar (Ra) never mentioned he was the khilifah, he did it because he genuinely cared for the ummah! So be genuine aswell

Another story of the butifull Hadhrat Umar (ra), once he saw a old old jew man, and he was lookin for food in rubbish, Hadhrat Umar (ra) went upto him and said “what are you doin”, he said “ im poor and i pay jizya (the tax) and i cant afford food to satisfy me” Hadhrat Umar (ra) start cryin and said, “we have put the jizya on these people, and now in their old age they are findin it hard to pay it off” so he said to him to come to the baitul maal and take whatever he wanted! Look how Hadhrat Umar (ra) treated the jew, a non muslim! And look what some wannabe imams, say islaam says this n that toward the kuffar, whatever psssh! Look how the leaders treated the non muslims!

Some stories about hadhrat Uthman (ra)

On the weddin of Hadhrat Ali (ra), Hadhrat Ali (ra) didn’t have enough money to pay for the weddin and stuff, so he sold his shield to our butiful Hadhrat Uthman (ra), and in return Hadhrat Uthman (ra) gifted the shield back to him in his weddin present
:D subhanallah

Hadhrat Uthman (Ra) was so generous, and bein generous is a heavy quality to have,

Another story,

There was a jew in madinah, and he was kinda hostile and didn’t let the muslims drink from his well, so Hadhrat Uthman (ra) bought the well of him and he made it public property for the muslims! So this shows, put others infront of yourself, like sacrifice your stuff for others, and RasoolAllah (Saw)said to Hadhrat Uthman (Ra) in reward for this well, Allah (Swt) has rewarded you with a well in jannah! So jus the click of the fingers, one good deed, could change your whole life, like Uthman (ra) jus bought the well to help the muslims and in return for that, Allah (swt) gave him a well in jannah

Some more stories

Our butifull, Hadhrat Ali (ra) mashallah, :D

Once Hadhrat Ali (ra) lost his shield, and then a few days later, he saw a jew with his shield, so he went upto the jew and said thats my shield, where did you find, the jew lied and said its his shield, so the case went to court, in the court the judge, asked for witnesses, and the only witness Hadhrat Ali (ra) had were his sons and friends in the sahaba, and the court rejected the witnesses because family and friends weren’t allowed to testify, so Hadhrat Ali (ra) said ok, and he let the jew keep the shield, seein the greatness of Hadhrat Ali (Ra) the jew gave the shield back to hadhrat Ali (Ra) and converted to islam, and subhanallah, Hadhrat Ali (Ra) gave him the shield back as a gift:D

Another story...

Durin a battle, Hadhrat Ali (Ra) was on top of the enemy and the enemy spat in his face, so Hadhrat Ali (ra) got up, and said to him “go i let you go, because before i was fightin you for the sake of Allah (swt) but now, by spittin on me, you made me angry, and i don’t wana fight you for my anger” at seein this humbleness and followin of Allah (swt), the enemy converted to islam! Subhanallah!

And there are millions of great stories about our 4 butifull khilifahs! No one can mess with them! May Allah (Swt) get us into jannah and make us so high in rank that we can atleast see them and if we really gooooood then we ca atleast give them a big hug in jannah! Ameeeeen ameeeeeen :D

09-05-2008, 03:55 PM
Some stories of other salaaf!

Abdullah Ibn Umar (ra) who is the butifull son of the butifull Hadhrat Umar (ra), he slaughtered a sheep, and he gave meat to his neighbour, who was a jew, and people asked him, why didn’t you give us 1st, he said “don’t you remember the hadiths of RasoolAllah (saw) where he mentioned the rights of the neighbours, so i felt its the right of my neighbour to have some of the meat” subhanallah, nowadays, we hate our neighbours, and the story shows, non muslim or muslim you should treat everyone equally!

Another story...

Zainal Abideen (ra) who was the bootifull son of Hadhrat Ali (ra) he used to deliver food to the people outside their houses in the night and no one knew who delivered the food, subhanallah

So this is another manner like bein humble, nowadays if people do a good deed, they mention it so much like “yeh man i woke up early today, prayed fajr innit” or “ive had a long night man, been at taraweeh” erm Allah hu alim peoples intentions lol, but jus say you had a long night, why mention you was at taraweeh, but subhanallah you can easily tell when people are showin off and when they aint showin off! Like you know the humbles ones and the ones that aint!

And somethin we should have in our manners is the ability to forgive! Now i know we might have bare enemies and that, but who cares lol, they obviously your enemies, cos they jealous of you or they have summin against you, think about it, why wudnt sum1 like you, if you haven’t done anything wrong to that person, and that person don’t like you, their can only be one reason! Jealousy and envy, and that jealousy and envy causes them to backbite you and all laa dee daa you, lol forgive them for the sake of Allah (swt) and be happy with the fact that Allah (Swt) wil get revenge for you! So the final story on manners... forgivin people...

Once a man walked into masjid al nabawi, and the Prophet (saw) said “this man is from the men of jannah” so Abdullah Ibn Umar (Ra), he was quite like intrigued and wondered what the man did, that made him so special, that he is bein promised jannah in this life, like the blessed 10 sahaba were promised jannah, by RasoolAllah (saw) and everyone knew they were wicked sahaba, but this man, what makes him from jannah! All these questions made Hadhrat Abdullah ibn Umar (Ra) try to get to know the man, so he decided to make up a story and say to the man “ive had a fight with my father, can i stay at your house for a few days” the man said “yaa wag1” na lol basically he said yes, so Hadhrat Abdullah ibn Umar (Ra) kept like a eye on the man to see what he does, and he noticed the man went about his day to day duties, he didn’t do anything extra like nawafil prayers, fast or pray late in the night, so Hadhrat Abdullah Ibn Umar (Ra) decided to confront the man, he told him “ i made up a story bout havin a fight with my father, i just wanted to stay with you, so i could see what you did, because the Prophet (Saw) said, your a man goin to jannah, but i don’t mean to be rude, i haven’t seen you do anythin extra, you don’t fast, or pray extra, you jus do the basics” so the man smiled at Hadhrat Abdullah Ibn Umar (Ra) and said “before i sleep, everynight i sincerely from my heart, forgive those who wronged me and i clear out any hatred towards people”

So jus cos the man cleared his heart from hatred he was promised jannah!


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09-05-2008, 03:57 PM
solly for the deletation of your noble posts :D they were in the waaay

feel free to add any other stories ....

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