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09-07-2008, 11:07 PM

In the month of ramadan i appeal to you a sister is in dier need of your help, she went on umrah this year and was not given an extention on her deadline which in 1 week being next monday. She is currently struggling to get enought research done to finish writing the paper. I appeal to you if in this holy month of ramadan you are able to help by completing a questionaire (4 answer multiple choice) which is very short only 10 questions long please please email me on (removed email address) and i can send to you. As we are in need very quickly please do not hesitate and contact me as soon as possible for the sake of Allah inshAllah

Abdullah bin Omar said that our Holy Prophet said, “'One who helps someone in his need, Allah helps him in his work, and one who removes any worry or trouble of any Muslim, Allah, in return, removes anyone of his worries on the Day of Judgment'. (Abu Daud, Kilab-al-Adab, Bad-al-Muvakhat)

I pray that Allah gives us the ability to be amoungst these people and that we can help this sister ameen


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