View Full Version : Has islamic terminology become a culture for some?

09-13-2008, 08:50 AM
Asalam Alakum brothers and sisters :D.

I was thinking this morning, and I realised for some arabs... "has islamic terminology actually become a culture?".

Basiclly, When I was in egypt my dad had a big verbal arguement with my aunty... she said to him "Your khafer, and your kids are khafer".

In my head, I got the vibe... How can you make such a statement? Khafer isn't any old joke term... It means the non-believers... and personally I take that very seriously. Especially seeing as I pray everyday, 5 times Allhumdullah, and follow Islam.

This raised another serious question in my head... alot of arab movies/ programmes use Islamic terminology to...

They say stuff such as "Salah Ala Nabi" which to me... if used in a film... means like nothing, but it's a term thats meant to mean something. Pray on the Prophet to me is something that you say and mean it, as it is with all islamic terminology... is this because I live in the U.K.? I was bought up not knowing much about Islam, and allhumdullah now I am learning... I have a feeling I take it highly because to me it isn't everyday that I hear someone saying "Salah Ala Nabi" because to me, those are powerful words, and not a joke.

Post your theorys :thumbs_up.

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09-13-2008, 09:01 AM

I can't really comment on he examples you mentioned, but it does seem that words such as inshaAllah, mashaAllah, alhamdulilah have become cultural more than anything for many people... I think it's something a lot of people fall into (myself included), sometimes you say the words without really thinking about what you're saying.

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