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09-27-2008, 09:01 AM
Asalaam Alaykum My Brothers and Sisters in Islam?
I hope you all are enjoying the last days of Ramadan..
Hate to see it go but all good things must come to an end..Insha'allah i hope
we all come to see the next Ramadan.. now that would be a great

I just got a question to ask.. Alright.. I believe the prayer is called Tahajjid prayer (srry for spelling it wrong) , but from what i friend told me..well she really didnt get into depth of wat the prayer is.. but like all i know is you wake up in the morning and you make two rakaats.. but i came here to ask you my fellow muslim brothers and sisters.. to pls explain to me wat that particuallar prayer is about?.. like i think i got an idea of wat it is..and i kina read something on it..but it was long ago..and i dont want to be wrong soo i was wondering if you my fellow muslims could pls help me out tha would be greatly apperciated..

May Allah bless you for helping me with this ameen..

once again RAMADAN KAREEM my fellow muslim brothers and sisters!

Ma Salaama
Allah Hafiz

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