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10-07-2008, 06:31 PM
AlSalam Alaykum,

We invite all Muslims to take a look at our website: http://www.TruEvolution.net and to give us their feedback.

We believe that what we are presenting is true (huqq), and would like to share our findings with other Muslims and Non-Muslims.

We do not want to mislead anyone, so please give us your honest opinions after going through part-2 of the PowerPoint presentation.

Alsalam Alaykum

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07-30-2009, 05:41 PM
AlSalam Alaykum,

We have updated our website http://www.TruEvolution.net

Let the Quran guide you on how human evolution truly happens.

07-30-2009, 06:12 PM
My own computer has a problem running the presentations of that site and I'm rather computer-retarded anyway. I myself have two points to make, however.

1. This is the less important point so I hope people don't focus on this one and try to rebut it since it's almost window dressing to the second point still to come. I add this point only in the interest of making sure that people know I have a possible position to be coming from so that point #2 is more understandable than it might be to some who might not understand where I’m coming from otherwise. I myself believe in evolution and I think that there is a possibly correct Koranic interpretation of it--several, really, all collectively establishing the fact. The Koran tells us that all life originated in water, that we were made through diverse stages, and that clay-sculpting metaphor, step by step in detail, is easily applicable to the notion of evolution, which fits in an overall pattern with the way God evolved the earth and the scriptures. It's His way of doing things: I think of Him as an artist lovingly sculpting things. You might say He doesn't need to since He could just metaphorically snap his fingers and it's all there but if that's the case then six literal days (which, by the way, is a term also translatable as "ages", and in most languages it's the same--when people say "they didn't do things that way in my day," for instance) wouldn't be necessary either. It would be equally superfluous. If a human artist could immediately make a sculpture at will, would he like to do that? It's not his passion. I think God is somewhat of an artist, and art is lovingly done step by step. This is my own admittedly human attempt at interpretation of something superhuman and I am aware of the human tendency to project our own image on what we think to be the ultimate (myself having artistic tendencies). For instance, I once knew an atheist, a mechanical and especially a computer expert, who saw the universe as "binary"--though this does perhaps fit with God (praise Him) making "all things in pairs", as I tried to point out to him. Perhaps I’m doing in the same thing in my own respect. But that brings us to the only important point, which is point #2.

2. It doesn’t matter how God made us or the world, only that He made them, and why He did so. Therefore I think all these evolution vs. creationism debates are a waste of time. However it’s all here, it’s here, and that fact (and the fact of why it is here) are all that matters.

07-30-2009, 08:15 PM
AlSalam Alaykum,

To view the presentation on your system you need to install

PowerPoint 2003/2002 Add-in: Office Animation Runtime

We provided a link on the main page or you can click on this link form Microsoft:


As Muslims we need to know what our Quran informs us about this topic so we can properly respond to non Muslims on this issue. For example there is going to be a conference in Egypt between 14-16 November 2009 on “Darwin's Living Legacy”. Take a look at the link below.


Darwin Now Conference: Darwin’s Living Legacy

Bibliotheca Alexandrina 14 – 16 November 2009

A conference organised by the British Council and the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt

The Darwin Now Conference will take place at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt from 14 – 16 November 2009. The Programme Committee invites papers from a broad range of disciplines including: Science, History of Science, Philosophy of Science, Social Sciences, Education, The Arts and Media.

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