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10-11-2008, 06:22 PM
Do you ever wonder?

Do you ever wonder how it might have been if you were raised non Muslim? Maybe as a Christian, Jew, Hindu, or even Atheist? Do you ever wonder if you would find Islam?

People who have been raised Muslim who have been taught how to pray and how to read Arabic ever since they were children have it easy! Muslims who have been Muslim their whole life have the upper hand. Weather you think that or not its true. If you were raised in a religious house hold you have the upper hand, you have it easy. (I guess I’m saying this in the spiritually since. People who have been raised with the truth have a upper hand on people who haven’t been. I say this because I am a convert/revert and I know how hard it is to change your whole life almost.)

Have you ever wondered how it would be to be a convert/revert? How would you even find Islam? Do you think you would? And even if you found Islam and got the chance to learn about Islam do you think you would take the extra step to convert? And lets say you convert to Islam, how would you learn how to pray, read Arabic, know what to eat or what not to eat, how to wudu properly, how to treat your parents, how to find a husband/wife ext.
Now lets say you find Islam, but you don’t convert/revert. You go your whole life without knowing the truth. Lets say you walk around being the best human being you can be. You know there is a God, you pray from time to time, you don’t drink or smoke, and you treat people with respect. How would you feel if you were this person on the day of Judgment? Knowing what you know do you think you would get into Jannah? Do you think Allah the almightily would grant you entry? How scared might you be if you were this person?

As Muslims it is our duty to teach people about Islam and give them the chance to find the truth. What they do with this information is completely up to them, it is not for us to make or force people to accept Islam. As Muslims we should be grateful to Allah for guiding us to the truth. We should pray everyday that our Imam grows stronger by each day. Give thanks to Allah for making us Muslims and giving us everything we have weather it be small or big. We should do every thing we can do to spread Islam, spread this beautiful way of life to everyone we know.

Lets put it this way, lets say your best friend just got this big promotion at work. They are now doing what they love and making good money doing it. They have a wonderful house, great car, great spouse and children. You on the other hand are working at a okay company but your not moving anywhere your staying right where you have always been. You are renting a house, leasing a car, and your engaged and have been for quite a while. That person has the ability to help you move up in your company so you can have a house, have your own car, and maybe even possibly get married, but they simply choose to sit back and do nothing. How would that feel? Wouldn’t you want that life? It’s life Islam, it’s the best way of life you can have. Your that person with the house, and car, and spouse, will you help someone else get there? Will you help someone discover Islam? Or will you just sit back and do nothing.

Any mistakes I have made please forgive me and correct me..thank you!!!

Salaams!!!:D :muslimah:

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