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Ummu Sufyaan
10-26-2008, 09:14 AM

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By: abu abdul malik and Abu ali

Translation: (repetitions, etc have been excluded)

يا أمتنا يا أمتنا, لا تنسي ماضي عزتنا***صطعت بالعدل حضارتنا, وانا أرى الدنيا ماضينا
O our Ummah, O our Ummah, do not forget our past glory. Our development emerges with fairness, and I see the Dunya (as) our past.

توحيد الخالق رايتنا. والدين الخالص شرعتنا *** ولله الواحد غايتنا, لطريق العزة يھدينا
The oneness of The Creator is our banner. And the Pure Religion is our Law. And Allah, The One, is our Hope; to the path of glory He guides us

حكم القران يشرفنا. وسن الايمان يؤلفنا *** ولله الخالق يحفظنا. رفلت في الأمن بوادينا
The wisdom of the Quran honors us, and the legislation of Faith (Imaan) brings us together, and Allah, The creator,protects us (because of this) our valleys boast in security.

بسمو الدين آرامتنا. وبنورالحق مھابتنا*** وبھد لله ھدايتنا. والمجد الشامخ يحيينا
With the greatness of The Deen (I.e. Islam), is our dignity. And with the light of The Truth is our high reputation, and with the Guidance of Allah is our guidance, and The High Exalt keeps us alive.

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