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11-16-2008, 05:23 AM
I am a convert, and I am lost about marriage right now. It is all I can think about sometimes and it drives me nuts! The problem is that I am still a college student, and I don't make any money and won't for a few years. But I'm at a strange point where spending time with my friends just seems counter productive. Few of them are religious, so we don't have much besides idle conversation and we hardly ever pray together. I have lots of friends, but I just don't feel close to any of them anymore.

So I think it's time to find a wife right? I want it for the sake of my deen and for the sake of companionship. It seems so silly for me to say "time to find a wife," but I don't really believe in "love" except that which time establishes between two people. I will just have to find someone who maybe is working and can afford for herself right now and doesn't care about dunya.

I don't know how to find a wife like this. I don't talk to muslim girls, but I had like girlfriends before I was muslim and I was a smoothtalker. I regret that, but that was the only way I knew to talk to girls. Plus I don't have muslim parents to help. Its just me and Allah swt, but I don't think Allah swt will just put the one in front of me. Especially when one of my main needs is "must be willing to be poor for the first few years." :statisfie

I want her to speak Arabic too, so we can speak it together and I can learn.

Err... waddoo i doo?

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11-16-2008, 06:13 AM
:sl: Go to the masjid, speak to a few brothers and ask them whether they know any sisters that fit your criteria, make du'a and pray salatul istikhara (there's a thread on this forum about how to perform the prayer).

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