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12-15-2008, 05:23 PM
Monday, December 15, 2008
FILM: Torturing Democracy
WASHINGTON– This is a PBS documentary which depicts the evilness of America for torturing Muslims since the 911 incident. This shows how the government under Bush legalized torture and at the same time joined in endorsing the Geneve Convention.

One important point that we must remember, Allah SWT has shown us this reality coming out of America and this documentary will only enhance our hatred and inflame our fighting spirits against America plus destroying their Democracy which they glorify so much.

We pray to Allah to liberate all the Muslim prisoners, and we also hope that Allah will punish and humiliate America and its allies.

Everybody knows that someone in the American Government will have to pay for this soon. Death penalty is the one and only choice for that person.

To view the documentary, please visit http://torturingdemocracy.org/

More "torture" documentary film for download:


The film starts from a pleasant visit to the prison camp of Guantanamo Bay and embarks for a journey to Washington, Stockholm, Bucharest then to Abu Ghraib in Iraq and slowly.... a new scary world is revealing itself.

Duration: 49:22 - 154MB

Iraq - Prisoner Abuse

Iraqi prisoner abuse by U.S. backed Iraqi national guards.

Iraq - Abu Ghraib Torture/Abuse

A small video showing just a little bit what has/is happening in the notorious Abu Ghraib Prison operated by the U.S.

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