View Full Version : Must see video!!! Get motivated now

12-27-2008, 08:54 PM
Must see video!!! Get motivated now
As salaam Br/sis Hope this message finds you in best of health and emaan.

Our emaan is something that goes and High and Low, so we need to keep motivated and be inspired. Sometimes we have to look at the darkside of life to motivate us, the darkside of life am talking about is death and we know Death is a reality for us all.

Looking at the darkside of life can be empowering because it brings life into perspective and helps us face our fears and therefore motivates us. Our biggest fear as humans is death and for a mumin death can be a entrance of peace and an exit of struggle and hardships if we have earned allah's mercy. Facing death can be beneficial, because it helps us to become more concious of our actions and makes us realise where we are going.

This can give us clear purpose and direction to acheive allahs mercy through reightious deeds. I hope this short reminder on death will help us become more motivated in becoming better muslims and live according to allahs divine law. Please watch and leave feedback.


Allah bless you and make dua for me and all the ummah W/S

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01-02-2009, 11:24 PM
Fabulous reminder mashallah...may Allah reward Bro Jalal and his family

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