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01-01-2009, 11:14 PM
Selamûn Âleykûm to all brothers. Allah Jalla Jalaluhu make Friday auspicious for all of you... The things taking place in Palestine are evident to all world. Allah Jalla Jalaluhu delete the massacring Hebrew and their supporters from the earth forever! Our curses are against them! And our prayers are with our brothers and sisters. I wanted to share an article of a brother with you. Selamûn Âleykûm.

A World Where Mercy is Bankrupt

What a lie it has been... We’ve been in a so-called “millenium”. Rose-colored dreams have all pinked the screens and people have been lulled. All was a lie. And another lie was this day of shabbat. So where’s not using elevators? Even not pushing power buttons? Those who are not using elevators; not stitching and not button-pushing variety has pushed the missile buttons, showered bombs, got in their jets and massacred.

Another lie as well was the organization “United Nations”.
Only its security council is real. In the security council, the permenant members are real. And amongst the permenants, US and its company are. United Nations is an association, which serves as a secretary for the US, nothing more.

The lies are many.
Reportedly, Israel was on a peace agreement with Hamas. That it was a distraction has become apparent. Israel collected intel in the process. That is, this massacre was agreed six months ago. Was it a coincidence that the attacks took place in Hijri New Year’s Day?

Their “democracy” is a lie.
Israel government and the opposition are galloping for the elections. It is on February 10th. The government wants to keep its rating by doubling the manslaughter of the previous administration. According to this variety, the most eligible Jew is the one who slaughters the most Palestinien.

Their “equality” is wholly a lie.
We already know that The Jew cut the world into two halves: The Hebrew and others. You cannot bring equality by positioning a black man atop the world.

And here’s another lie.
The Press Code. Where’s it? We cannot see it.
Hundreds of people have been killed by bombs... Hundreds of wounded are crying... Mothers are beating their breasts... No soup... No food... No medicine... Even the mosques are being bombed... Children are in blood and guts... Houses are being torn down... Lives are being ruined... Media is displaying the situation with repugnance.

Tiny photos at bottom of pages...
We know that’s for not “intimitating” people. But what about full pages of shameless hips and breasts above those photos? What if there was an inversion? What if the killing side was Palestine and the victims were Jews? Would the same apply for them?

Israel is going elections.
Those bullets are being shot for a campaign victory.
The US switched a new president.
Apparently, Israil has made a timely agenda.

Rumor is that Hamas has agitated by launching a missile. The exactness of that is open to question as the media is polluting the world with town talks.

Let’s suppose it was true.
Does that the assault was real make Israil government entitled to demolish mosques and houses; massacre women, children and working people; ruin, burn and exterminate cities?

Is Israel, who challenges the world where and when necessary, this helpless against Hamas, who posseses nothing more than slinger-like weaponary?

Even if there was a terror, could a government reply a terror with a genocide?

As the toll always climbing, it’s impossible to give a total sum of the dead.

People are trying to run surgeries under cell phone lights.

Where are the emperors of all times?
The superpowers of the modern age?

An Israeli land operation is at hand today or tomorrow. Those who never forget Hiroshima; those who rebelled for street dogs; where are you now?

Those who never take Hitler and Stalin off the agenda, why are you not seeing Olmert?

What kind of a baseness is this?

Let’s not hope anything from the world.
In this turpitude world, mercy is already bankrupt.

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